Janani Narasimhan in Amrapali

Janani Narasimhan is Amrapali in Theatre Nisha's next production

Theatre Nisha puts the spolight on a royal courtesan from 500 BC

Dramanon Hyderabad stages The Original Last Wish Baby for its 11th anniversary

Five actors, more than 40 characters, a live band and a whole lot of ‘intellectual comedy’ is what defines Dramanon Hyderabad’s upcoming play.

Under An Oak Tree by Padma Shri Mohammad Ali Baig premieres in the city

The play revolves around the real life of protagonist Mohammad Ali Baig

SheHe Korma

 Supper theatre: Catch three plays as dinner is served with a dash of drama and a sprinkle of emotion

SheHe Korma by Coimbatore Art & Theatrical Society delves into the life of a married couple


Two Malayalam plays have been nominated for India’s most coveted theatre awards

The 13th annual Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards is about to begin.

The cast at the rehearsals of the play

A new play questions what the American dream looks like for immigrants

The Costume Party raises uncomfortable questions about immigrants in the US and the prejudices we live with

Adishakti's Bali

Pondicherry-based Adishakti's play 'Bali' explores mythology through raw emotion  

Nimmy Raphel, the writer and director of the play, tells us more about the play and how she has interpreted it

Aravind Sa

Aravind Sa makes his way to Hyderabad with a new set of personal jokes

This Chennai-based stand-up comedian is performing at Bhaskara Auditorium this Sunday. 

Prime Cut

This new play titled 'Prime Cut' attempts to open conversations about sex workers

This is a collaborative piece where actors work without a script, but construct plot-points and unconventional stage desig ns

World Theatre Day: Plays to look forward to in Chennai this week

On World Theatre Day, here is a list of plays that you can look forward to this week.

Scenes from Remember Remember

Remember Remember: Chasing fairytales with Tahatto

Tahatto’s latest production brings a bit of ‘magic’ to the city

A scene from Belle Curv

A peep into cricket’s dark side with Belle Curv

Belle Curv puts the spotlight on cricket’s dark side

A scene from The Curse of Urvashi

Spell bound by The Curse of Urvashi

Arjuna faces one of his biggest challenges in Theatre Nisha’s next

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