Intellectual Blah Blah show

Stage performance at Madras Music Academy

Focused around making youngsters informed about current policy decisions, the show lineup includes comedy by The Pundits, a music performance by Kaala’s ofRO and Arivu.

La Liga

Facebook to stream La Liga 2018

An analysis of the game will also be provided by former footballers and experts, Michel Salgado and Luis Garcia.

Music competition

Open mic competition at Unwind Center

The event, hosted by Exodus, has categories ranging from solo singing and beatboxing to acapella and rock music too.


Tamil play performance at Spaces

Medai  — The Group Theatre will perform Tamil play, Mother of 1084, which is based on a book authored by Mahasweta Devi.


Photography workshop at The Goethe-Institut

The CPB Foundation is hosting a workshop for all photography enthusiasts looking to hone their skills in portrait photography.


Rummikub National Championships at Starmark Studio

Rummikub, which is inspired from the card game rummy and tile game mahjong will involve the use of quick thinking, strategy and motor skills to win.