Australia to import Indian mangoes for first time

The fruit would be allowed into Australia as long as they were treated with irradiation before leaving India

Vikas Khanna

Give mornings a healthy start with oats: Chef Vikas Khanna

These new and quick recipes of oats from Chef Vikas Khann's kitchen can be easily incorporated in our daily diet


Hits the spot

This watering hole at T Nagar is not only all-new but all neon as well

Baker's treat- Home Bakers of Coimbatore

Despite new restaurants popping up every other day, the success stories of home bakers underline the city’s love for home-made goodies.

Coimbatore's summer delights

The city embraces new local kiosks where their signature summer treats are gaining popularity.

Crust pizzeria ups the ante with plans of flavoured bases like oregano and herb

Chennai's newest thin crust pizzeria serves up a crispy bite and plates pepperoni slices we can't get enough of

Kochi gets a new Chinese destination from veterans

Chiyang, one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Kerala gets a spanking new space

Chicken sevai at Kovai Alankar Vilas. Pics by Sunish P Surendran

From Coimbatore to Chennai - Kovai Alankar Vilas provides the best of both cities

It’s not just the name. Kovai Alankar Vilas has a deeper connection with Coimbatore that goes beyond the food

Cool off with gazpachos flavoured with everything from pani puri to pineapple

From Citrus to The Open Box, restaurants are offering chilled soups to keep things cool


Innovation the name of the game for these food, drink stylists

How about a Monkey Thandai, with the base being Monkey Shoulder, a free-spirited, fun-loving three-malt blend with an easygoing smooth, rich and mellow vanilla deliciousness?

Try Chinese Diaoyutai food for a new experience

The Diaoyutai food festival is on New Delhi at Capital Kitchen, Taj Palace till April 22

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