Broken Plank creates vintage furniture in muted tones 

Offering the convenience of buying your furniture online with the advantage of bespoke designs, this Coimbatore-based label delivers the warmth of wooden furniture


Fine tune the flooring of your house for better chi  in your living space

The flooring you use in your home also defines how the energy flows there.

Wonder Wall: Give your walls a Sabyasachi touch this summer

Deck your walls with prints from Sabyasachi’s new decor collective, Sabyasachi-Chapter II: The India Revival Project, inspired by Indian motifs

Why your stairs should never start or end in front of a toilet!

The position of a staircase plays a vital role in ensuring harmony of energies and aesthetic design

Mini terrariums

From mini terras to hanging ones, this Chennai woman is upping the terrarium game

Looking to set up your terrace garden with pretty trinkets and odd-ends? From magnets to hanging gardens, TerraTree has a variety of quirky terrariums just for your gardening needs

Want to explore beyond tube lights? Then check out The Purple Turtles 

Offering more than a thousand fancy sustainable night lamps, The Purple Turtles opens its first home décor store in Chenna

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