Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev joins Reebok and Les Mills

Two of the world’s most recognisable fitness brands will work with Nina to inspire and engage women around the world through the transformational power of group fitness

Quick guide to staying fit in monsoon

Some quick and easy steps like working out indoors or getting few simpler exercising devices can do the trick for you, say experts

Title Boxing Club Kochi

India’s first World Boxing Organisation accredited gym, opens in Kochi 

Helmed by a former Mr India, this gym has the licence to participate in bouts and function as a club.

The Piloxing India Tour stops at Chennai this weekend

You don’t need boxing gloves or a ring to get ‘piloxing’. Get oriented with this fun fitness format, where pilates meets boxing


Move over treadmills, make way for battle ropes

Instead of treadmills, the participants are subjected to routines involving battle ropes and truck tyres at Kochi-based Bounce Studio

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