Why is Gauahar Khan not following beauty care regime?

Actress Gauahar Khan says she has not been very regular with spa treatments and her beauty regime.

Treat your leather bags to spa at home

Save your leather bags against humidity and moisture in the rainy season by giving them a spa treatment at your home. Air them out, polish them regularly and store them in a proper place, say experts

Follow simple steps to maintain healthy hair, skin

Shailesh Moolya, National Creative Director, Hair, Lakmé Salon has shared few tips

Skincare routine for grooms

Vivek Mehta Pulastya, dermatologist at CADLE Skin Clinic, has listed tips that can prove handy for the grooms-to-be to maintain healthy skin

From facials to mani-pedi, Limelite Salon has it all

To beat the rising heat, a ‘divine’ facial and ‘ice cream’ mani-pedi are just what the doctor ordered

Stretch it out

The world on your massage table

Geo-tagged massages that allow you to vacay without a passport

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