Binge watching TV may up insomnia and fatigue

Young adults with the habit of binge-watching television shows for over three hours in one sitting may be at risk of having poor sleep quality, increased fatigue and insomnia, researchers warned.


Ticket to ride: PedalBeat is now all the rage in the city

Here’s a competitive fitness routine that burns calories and comes sans the traffic and jammed cycle chains

Pop Pilates

Pop goes the Pilates

Groove to the latest hits of the seasons with Pop Pilates and lose close to 600 calories while you’re at it

Mandalas to movement therapy, this psychfest has it all

Whether you’ve got anger issues or irrepressible headaches, this psychfest of healing techniques promises a solution you never thought of

Five plants that will help you sleep better

One way to tackle the issue is to keep the right plants in your bedroom that help increase the quality of your sleep

Eat smart to shed those kilos

On World Fitness Day, experts share the simplest secrets to losing weight and achieving your target

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