Eating walnuts may help control appetite

A study found that consuming a diet high in PUFAs caused a significant decrease in fasting ghrelin -- a hormone that increases hunger.

Your belly fat may up risk of cancer

Being overweight or obese is the single biggest preventable cause of cancer after smoking

Treatment for Parkinson's might work for Alzheimer's too

Neurodegenerative diseases all share a similar ability to cause damage when they invade brain cells

Lung cancer ups suicide risk in men

Overall suicide rate in patients with any kind of cancer, compared to the general population, was 60 per cent higher

Here's why eating chocolate may be good for your heart

Consuming up to six bars of chocolate a week may lower the risk of developing a common and dangerous type of irregular heartbeat

Why dieting may not help you to lose weight

When we eat less, our body compensates and burns fewer calories, which makes losing weight harder

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