International Day of Yoga is celebrated on June 21

Stretch out on the ocassion of International Day of Yoga

From chakra-focused sessions to suryanamaskara marathons, events that can’t be missed

International yoga day is on June 21

6 crazy yoga trends you never knew existed

With dogs, drapes and on dance floors— yoga is transforming definitions and breaking boundaries

A modern introspection through yoga and storytelling

This workshop brings together two practices for teenagers and adults


Yoga may reduce symptoms of menstrual disorders

Yoga practice and common menstrual disorders

Yoga may offset side effects of prostate cancer treatment

Practicing yoga just twice a week may lead to better physical, sexual and emotional health among patients undergoing prostate cancer radiation treatment, suggest the results of a trial

A classic guide on meditation

 The only way to meditate is to meditate right. That's what Om Swami teaches elaborately in the book

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