Sonali Shenoy


Sonali Shenoy is a feverish optimist, doggie lover and romantic. She takes word play very seriously, and derives a secret thrill from puns in conversation that her colourful sense of humour. Also she\'s a sucker for a good plot line on TV and secretly fancies moonlighting as a detective.

Try Thanjavur recipes from the 1800s on this culinary holiday 

Find out where Sivaji Ganesan got his pakoda fix on this heritage-themed culinary holiday, in Thanjavur, next weekend

03 Mar 2017

You'll forget all about burger etiquette with these buns

There’s nothing passé about these patties. Expect combos like pork and pickles or shrimp and buffalo

09 Mar 2017

Train like Wolverine

From Aussie celebrity trainer Luke Istomin, who keeps Hugh Jackman in shape, the F45 workout has Chennai roped in

15 Mar 2017

Conoisseur speak: This Parisian tastes 400 wines a week!

Alexandre Barré tastes 400 wines a week and then some

09 Mar 2017

Anyone up for a Moroccan tea party?

Ambient cutlery and a Moroccan tea counter set the mood at this Mediterranean experience  

16 Mar 2017

She's got Charisma

This 19-year-old was snapped up from Youtube for a Grammy nomination, and gets her lyrical lesson from a songwriter of Bruno Mars

16 Mar 2017

Jamming with Juilliard415

Count on a night like never before with Bach’s Magnificat and American choristers singing in Malayalam and Arabic

13 Jun 2017

Don't worry, bee happy: Somras Honey's forest and wildflower varieties

Try a home blend of cinnamon in your honey the next time you want a fun topping on your cornflakes

29 Mar 2017

Chennai, now you can take your girlfiend for a date on a football field

Ever booked out a football ground for a romantic date underneath the floodlights? At Turf 137, you can practice both your goals and pickup lines at the same time

31 Mar 2017

Roti navigation in the dark

Lose all sense of control and your mobile phone at the door.

31 Mar 2017

Enter the Skrat Universe

Revving up for their fourth album Bison, the frontman of the band gives us a glimpse of their heavy-as-hell sound and dark lyrical plotlines

06 Apr 2017

How dough you do?

Sample Italian cuisine with Japanese sensibilities at Chennai-based Piccante, the newest pizzeria on the block

06 Apr 2017

Bengal by the bay: The travelling trunk show at MaalGaadi places the spotlight on Jamdani-inspired weaves on gowns and Gamcha checks on dungarees

MaalGaadi is the final stop en route a six-city travelling trunk show titled ‘Made in Bengal’ which will be showcasing 25 designers 

07 Apr 2017

Sleep knots: Get silhouettes inspired by sleepwear this World Health Day

 The latest collection of sister duo Divya and Navya Niranjan found its inspiration in silhouettes inspired by sleepwear. 

06 Apr 2017

Beyond the playboy: The Hugh Hefner story you were never told

From being an advocate for free speech to the first person to to invite Nat King Cole to perform for a Caucasian audience, this docu-series is a fresh insight beyond the Playboy we all know so well

07 Apr 2017

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