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A zealous practitioner in the precise art of unfurling, holding up, deftly turning, and getting absorbed thereby in the broadsheets of a newspaper, Jaideep is constantly in pursuit of an elusive immaculate state of abeyant being, which he strives to subsume, and convey, by keeping his head in the clouds, and having his feet firmly implanted on the streets, taking in every sight, sound and smell in a manner that he believes will ultimately fulfill his existence.

Culinary theatrics at InterContinental's new Sunday brunch

Live counters add a touch of excitement to the otherwise laidback brunch 

15 Jun 2017

Swinging into auction: Bollywood memorabilia goes under the hammer

Bollywood memorabilia goes under the hammer and skyrockets in value

19 Jun 2017

Chopin Concerts in the park: Warsaw, a picture of worlds apart 

The Chopin Concerts in the park are a chief draw for tourists venturing out to Warsaw, Poland.

24 Jun 2017

Let there be light: Tanya Mehta's illuminating ideas on perception

Tanya Mehta is showing at Gallery Sumukha, Bengaluru, from Jun 24 to Jul 29. 

26 Jun 2017

Bourne to wonder: vintage images on show for first time in Chennai

The nostalgia about 19th century photography in India harks back to a defunct studio in Kolkata

03 Jul 2017

This home is at your service: Citadines OMR for working families

It’s the newest concept in hospitality — serviced homes for working families. 

11 Jul 2017

Thai will be done: Chef Tanya livens up the new Lotus menu

Chef Tanya’s culinary wizardry opens up the taste buds, and creates a languid, satiated air about each meal.

11 Jul 2017

'Tis better to have loved: Faiqa Mansab on her debut novel

A modern-day love story from Pakistan brings the focus back on English language writing from the subcontinent. 

08 Aug 2017

Seekh & you shall find: Notes from Chef Sanjeev Ranjan’s travels

Paprika Café’s new menu is a wish list of Chef Sanjeev Ranjan’s favourite food from his travels.

26 Jul 2017

Framing the inner eye: The last of the great masters, S H Raza

The artistic legacy of Syed Haider Raza surpasses his own monumental body of work.

28 Jul 2017

Deep in tiger country: On a boat in the Sundarbans sanctuary

A quest to spot tigers in the world’s largest reserves brings back horror tales of man-eaters, unliveable environs, and the severe eroding of natural habitat.

29 Jul 2017

Rebel with the chords: Minding the gap with Gowri Jayakumar

Beneath the strong, opinionated onstage persona of Gowri Jayakumar is the mind of a very sensitive singer-songwriter.

07 Aug 2017

To the moon and back: Osama Siddique's debut novel

Osama Siddique’s debut novel sits amongst a clutch of powerful new works from Pakistan.

07 Aug 2017

The hardest expectations come from yourselves: Kamila Shamsie

Kamila Shamsie’s Home Fire stands out among other books in the Man Booker Prize longlist for its simple style.

04 Aug 2017

Steampunk in Chennai: Thirsty Crow's time warp experience

Thirsty Crow offers a time warp of an experience, the highlight of which is in the interiors over some top-notch food, music and drink. 

08 Aug 2017

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