Jaideep Sen


A zealous practitioner in the precise art of unfurling, holding up, deftly turning, and getting absorbed thereby in the broadsheets of a newspaper, Jaideep is constantly in pursuit of an elusive immaculate state of abeyant being, which he strives to subsume, and convey, by keeping his head in the clouds, and having his feet firmly implanted on the streets, taking in every sight, sound and smell in a manner that he believes will ultimately fulfill his existence.

Spunky drinks and spicy eats, Secret Society promises the perfect pub vibe   

Pyrotechnics, flavoured smoke and fresh fruit make for mystery elements in the spunky drinks at Secret Society

10 Aug 2017

Oh my gosht! Age-old meat recipes at The Great Kabab Factory

Tuck into age-old secret recipes and innovative takes on classic dishes at The Great Kabab Factory.

17 Aug 2017

Meat done the exotic way at Salt Co. 531's Eat East Street Carnival

Meat and eggs cooked and served in bamboo and coconut shells — that’s all the convincing we needed, without that pinch of salt.

18 Aug 2017

Sahapedia campaign to save Koodiyattam theatre art form

Sahapedia backs efforts to raise Rs 20 lakh on BitGiving for Nepathya centre for Koodiyattam in Kerala.

29 Nov 2017

Buzz in the circuit: Tanu Kurien speaks about Shomshuklla Das’ White Bee

Tanu Kurien gets candid about her role in Shomshuklla Das’ White Bee

24 Aug 2017

Podi mayo with duck ravioli & Oreos that make the wine list

Chef Dandge’s new progressive dishes are culinary masterworks appreciable as high art.

25 Aug 2017

From Richan Stark to 12-year-old eye-patched Kubo

Art Parkinson makes an effortless shift from Game of Thrones to the Japanese fantasy world of Kubo and the Two Strings

25 Aug 2017

Chef Dandge's culinary masterworks at Above Sea Level, Chennai

Chef Dandge's new progressive dishes are culinary masterworks appreciable as high art.

29 Aug 2017

In seventh heaven: Crowdsourced arts project, The Saptan Story

Seven artists from the UK and India come together for a unique crwodsourced digital arts project

30 Aug 2017

Charmed kind of life: Susan Sarandon on Ray Donovan 

Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon is on a roll with her powerful small-screen roles

31 Aug 2017

Confronting Kolkata: The Epic City by Kushanava Choudhury

In conversation with Kushanava Choudhury about his new book, The Epic City — The World on the Streets of Calcutta.

01 Sep 2017

Beyond the horizon: Shibu Arakkal's first solo in five years

The austere mood about the artworks at Shibu Arakkal’s new show belies his pragmatic approach to art, the universe, and life at large.

01 Sep 2017

Burgers of bagels & karavapilai wedges at a rocking mash-up fest

Burgers just aren’t what they’re supposed to be at this new food fest — they’re a framework for innovative culinary experiments

13 Sep 2017

Despicable Me animator Chris Renaud on The Secret Life of Pets

From Despicable Me to The Secret Life of Pets, Chris Renaud talks pets, family and humour   

10 Sep 2017

Gunpowder & fish: Chennai gets the Gaggan Anand treatment

As Chef Gaggan Anand gets Indians to rethink food, he lines up experiments with the idli and dosai for Chennai

15 Sep 2017

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