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Spider-Man: Homecoming and the fragile emotions of a superhero 

Tom Holland, the new friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, gets a teched-out suit, while figuring out who he really is.

02 Jul 2017

Chasing crabs, thugs and kulfi

Whether you are in the mood for mad-sized burgers or Indian Chinese, this round-up of new places in Chennai has you covered

03 Jul 2017

How to be a conscious rebel

“Born of an urge to do what one pleases, others be damned. That’s what Attiitude is all about,"

29 Jun 2017

Read ’em & Veep: Julia and Tony talk dirty

Seinfeld’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Arrested Development’s Tony Hale take swearing and foul-mouthed insults to another level in Veep

04 Jul 2017

Behind the scenes: War between apes and humans

 Caesar, the war-weary leader of the apes, embarks on a mission of revenge in War for the Planet of the Apes

07 Jul 2017

Prophecies of the throne: So it is written, so it shall be done

Here is a countdown of the seven prophecies on the Game of Thrones that have been proven or are yet to come true. 

07 Jul 2017

Master of intrigue: Exclusive chat with Aidan Gillen on Petyr Baelish

An exclusive preview of Game of Thrones Season Seven — Aidan Gillen on the pivotal role played by his character Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish, joined by John Bradley as Samwell Tarly 

15 Jul 2017

Season 7 of Suits: Things you did'nt know

Consider yourself a super-Suits fan? We’d be mighty impressed by any Suitor who knows what to expect in Season Seven

13 Jul 2017

Manga madness: Gear up anime lovers

Anime lovers and newbies now have a reason to binge-watch

13 Jul 2017

Ray Romano on a collision course in Ice Age

Ray Romano’s excited to get into the furry skin of Manny, for the fifth sequel of the Ice Age franchise

13 Jul 2017

On the prowl: Elephant-cams capture Indian tigers in the wild

The ‘secret weapon’ of wildlife filmmaking – ele-cams, or cameras on elephants, were used to film tigers like never before.

14 Jul 2017

Rihanna on Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Rihanna plays the shapeshifting Bubble alongside Dane DeHaan’s Valerian in Luc Besson’s new sci-fi film, based on French comics

14 Jul 2017

Forest bathing by the sea

Kovalam to get a mini silent valley right next to the beach

20 Jul 2017

Course  correction

Rawson Marshall Thurber is exploring other genres in direction, while holding onto comedy

20 Jul 2017

Prescribed for life: Surrane Jone talks sexism and ageism

Marital happiness is of prime consequence to Suranne Jones aka Dr Foster

20 Jul 2017

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