Jaideep Sen


A zealous practitioner in the precise art of unfurling, holding up, deftly turning, and getting absorbed thereby in the broadsheets of a newspaper, Jaideep is constantly in pursuit of an elusive immaculate state of abeyant being, which he strives to subsume, and convey, by keeping his head in the clouds, and having his feet firmly implanted on the streets, taking in every sight, sound and smell in a manner that he believes will ultimately fulfill his existence.

Love, honesty & humour in Chhimi Tenduf-La's post-war Sri Lanka

In his third book, Loyal Stalkers, Chhimi Tenduf-La makes an eager case for coming to terms and moving on from the horrors of war.

16 Sep 2017

Between heaven & earth: Priya Sundaravalli's artistic metaphors

Ceramic artist Priya Sundaravalli explores a world of artistic metaphors in her new works, on show in Auroville.

18 Sep 2017

An exclusive chat with Paula Hawkins on The Girl on the Train

Journalist-turned-novelist Paula Hawkins delves into some deep, dark emotions in her women-centric books

28 Sep 2017

Get up close with The World’s Most Extraordinary People

What separates a genuine medical breakthrough from a supernatural feat? A new show traces the fine line

06 Oct 2017

 Jonathan Renouf : Extreme Science to extreme nature

Two new extreme shows bridge the gap between exploring one’s kitchen and the great unexplored outdoors

12 Oct 2017

Sight to behold: Kenneth Youngstein on The Singing Tree

A simple tale raises awareness about eyesight across cultures.

20 Oct 2017

Desert prose: A photo-fiction novel set against the Pushkar Fair

Two travel enthusiasts and photographers combine reportage with fiction in their new book, based on the Pushkar festival in Rajasthan, and the little-known community of part-Indian Jews. 

30 Oct 2017

The Amazon Warrior: A chat with Katheryn Winnick 

Katheryn Winnick speaks about evolving as a battle-scarred queen in Michael Hirst’s epic drama, Vikings

02 Nov 2017

Poskem: Wendell Rodricks draws attention to grim Goan tradition

Designer Wendell Rodricks steps away from the glamour to draw attention to a grim tradition in Goa, of children adopted as household helps.

06 Nov 2017

We're all made of stars: The Story of Space transforms Panjim, Goa

The people and history of Goa are the focus of an arts and science festival that will transform Panjim into a playground for learning.

10 Nov 2017

Bullet the blue sky: Indian choppers roll at Rider Mania 2017

As an anarchy of Royal Enfield riders is set to descend upon Goa, all eyes will be on the most unique set of modified wheels on show. 

10 Nov 2017

Leaning into Italia: Cheering for the chariot of the Gauls

In an epic race to Mount Vesuvius via Rome, it’s the chariot of the Gauls that everybody’s cheering for

16 Nov 2017

Legacies of craft design: Jaypore Open House arrives in Chennai

Jaypore places the spotlight on stories of artisans, and techniques, behind its handcrafted products

16 Nov 2017

'No room for clumsy chilli heat': Cooking with Matt Preston

Celebrity food critic and judge Matt Preston does, once in a while, shed his colourful suits and cravats for
an apron. And when he does, here’s what he’s cooking. 

17 Nov 2017

Krautrock in Chennai: German band C.A.R. meld EDM and jazz

EDM and jazz meet ‘kraut’, and turn spiritual in the experimental music of C.A.R.

25 Nov 2017

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