Sonali Shenoy


Sonali Shenoy is a feverish optimist, doggie lover and romantic. She takes word play very seriously, and derives a secret thrill from puns in conversation that her colourful sense of humour. Also she\'s a sucker for a good plot line on TV and secretly fancies moonlighting as a detective.

MasterChef's George Calombaris: 'I'm a chef, not a professor'

On backing up his food with science and what's in store for season 10

16 Dec 2017

He is building an appetite for food appreciation, no eating involved 

Rakesh Raghunathan's four-day festival next weekend weaves in art, buddhist philosophy and Margazhi

18 Dec 2017

This cookbook get its inspiration from Asterix & Winnie The Pooh

The Bengaluru-based duo that garnered popularity for their food blog Tadka Pasta, released their third title a few weeks ago — Book Worms & Jelly Bellies — put together entirely for children.

09 Dec 2017

Tom yum in your eggs benedict and sambal on your cheese toast!

Nasi & Mee’s Asian-inspired breakfast just made mornings interesting again 

17 Nov 2017

Sarah Todd & Riyaaz Amlani on how to grow a food empire   

Sarah Todd and Riyaaz Amlani chat us up on their new show Grilled and give us a crash course on how to start up a food business

10 Nov 2017

Halle Berry's trainer now equips Mumbai traffickers to become fitness experts

Fresh off the sets of 50 Shades of Grey, Ramona Braganza opens up about her passion project, which is to transform traffickers into trainers, and bringing the gym to your house

09 Nov 2017

Chennai's first bouldering gym just opened at Mandaveli

Chennai’s first bouldering gym promises to keep you on your toes, quite literally. Especially since, in this sport, harnesses are not a part of the climb

09 Nov 2017

The Madras Gourmet Society is making fine dining more accessible

The Madras Gourmet Society wants to make fine dining more accessible, and up the ante on interesting venues

09 Nov 2017

Bindis beneath your feet? This tile collection makes it hard to look up

Now you don’t have to wait for leave at the office to hit your favourite destination. Design your floors with tiles that take you there 

03 Nov 2017

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