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Sonali Shenoy is a feverish optimist, doggie lover and romantic. She takes word play very seriously, and derives a secret thrill from puns in conversation that her colourful sense of humour. Also she\'s a sucker for a good plot line on TV and secretly fancies moonlighting as a detective.

Thai chef Tananya on Crispy Fried Lamb and playing the ukulele

Chef Tananya Hanain's new menu at Lotus, The Park Chennai draws inspiration from her travels around the world. Don't miss her stir-fried curried mud crabs if you head over this week

29 Jun 2017

The Storytellers’ Bar has books on the ceiling and typewriters on the walls

With typewriters jumping off the walls and a museum’s worth of framed stories, the Storytellers’ Bar in Puducherry offers a fresh spin on aesthetic as you sip on your cocktail 

04 Jul 2017

In steaks, stews & soup: chocolate like you've never had it before!

This World Chocolate Day, we couldn’t wait for dessert. From a Cocoa-rubbed lamb rack to chocolate in your stew, we try savoury platters of the world’s favourite bean

07 Jul 2017

White chocolate in your stew? 

Tirunelveli food blogger Hazeena Seyad ran out of jaggery while making Vatha Kuzhambu, so she decided to use chocolate instead. The result, she says, was brilliant. 

06 Jul 2017

Sample flavours from the kitchens of the Nawab of Arcot

Focaccia in your chaat and paan in a shot glass. Grand Chennai's 'Royal Repast' serves tradition and modern technique on the same plate through the month of July

06 Jul 2017

This hobby pilot makes 'propellors' for your living room

Akshay Sharma is a  hobby pilot who can help your home aesthetics take off. His handcrafted propellers work as wall pieces, and can also support your centre table

04 Aug 2017

This Mylapore store shelves heritage rice that improves your memory

‘Spirit of the Earth’ shelves seven varieties of organic heritage rice with medicinal benefits that improve metabolism and memory 

07 Jul 2017

Where is the travelling cow going next?

Sujatro Ghosh will be shooting in six cities over the next two weeks. And then he’s making his way down South. His lone companion is a cow mask that has now become a familiar face

07 Jul 2017

From Rs 17 in her pocket to crowdfunding a bharatanatyam recital

Jagyaseni Chatterji’s offers aspiring dancers tips on how to save for stage time, ahead of her crowd-funded bharatanatyam performance next weekend

12 Jul 2017

The new menu at Sandy's will make you want to start with dessert

If you can't decide what to go for first, this menu has you sorted with a created named Can't Make Up My Mind, which combines brownie, cookie and cheesecake. How about that? 

13 Jul 2017

The Piloxing India Tour stops at Chennai this weekend

You don’t need boxing gloves or a ring to get ‘piloxing’. Get oriented with this fun fitness format, where pilates meets boxing

13 Jul 2017

Through the looking glass

Café de Paris looks like a dream. And their dessert line-up makes you never want to wake up

20 Jul 2017

Turn your frying pan into a clock!

At Pinearts Interior Studio, frying pans tell time and tennis balls hang your clothes

20 Jul 2017

The Little Mermaid teaches you how to stay hydrated in Pooja Makhija’s new book

Pooja Makhija’s new book Eat.Delete.Junior uses fairytales to help kids develop better eating habits

26 Jul 2017

Mandalas to movement therapy, this psychfest has it all

Whether you’ve got anger issues or irrepressible headaches, this psychfest of healing techniques promises a solution you never thought of

27 Jul 2017

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