Abby Yaeger

The punch behind the punchline

TLC India’s new show, Queens of Comedy, is the first show in India to feature all female comedians, and the contestants are full of spunk and fresh ideas.

10 Oct 2017

Girls take over the world for International Day of the Girl

In an effort to strengthen the voices of the world’s 1.1 billion girls, October 11th is named International Day of the Girl Child, a celebration of the strength and power of girls around the world.

11 Oct 2017

Google doodle celebrates life of superstar Selena

Today Google released a doodle celebrating the life of Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla on the 28th anniversary of her first studio album "Selena"

17 Oct 2017

Warner Bros reveals new Justice League poster

Warner Bros has released a new Justice League poster to kick off "Flash Week" that depicts the band of heros – Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash –  in full glory. 

19 Oct 2017

Twitter urges SRK to meet biggest fan

Twitter is trying to make the dreams of Aruna PK, a six year cancer survivor who tweeted out her love for actor Shah Rukh Khan, come true with the hashtag #SRKmeetsAruna

20 Oct 2017

Priyanka Chopra appears in new Assam tourism promo

Awesome Assam released on Thursday a new tourism video featuring actress Priyanka Chopra to accompany the state’s new tourism policy that pays filmmakers to produce their films in Assam.

20 Oct 2017

Bad Boys spinoff series to come

Jerry Bruckheimer is producing a new Bad Boys TV spin-off series. 

31 Oct 2017

American Halloween extremes

American Halloween traditions through the perspective of an American expat in India.

31 Oct 2017

O captain, my captain!

Captain Fantastic is not a superhero film, and actually a comedy-drama on parenting

02 Nov 2017

Scientists discover mysterious void inside Great Pyramid

A major cavern has been discovered inside the Great Pyramid and it is the largest discovery made about the pyramids since the 19th century. 

03 Nov 2017

Taking the porn conversation out of incognito mode

The world watched 91,980,225,000 videos last year on PornHub alone. That’s 12.5 videos for every person on the planet, but we’re still afraid to talk about it.

09 Nov 2017

Root of all things evil: Elizabeth Reaser on Ouija

Elizabeth Reaser and Lulu Wilson were anything but idle off the sets of supernatural horror film, Ouija

16 Nov 2017

Literature comes alive: Anil Dharker on Mumbai LitFest 2017

At The Mumbai LitFest 2017 this weekend, book lovers can expect lively discussions on a host of pertinent social issues.

17 Nov 2017

This podcast helps international students feel a little less alien

Aliens with Visas is a podcast project that tells the real truth about studying abroad and helps students through the alienation of being an international student

18 Nov 2017

 New Mesoscience machine: using electric currents to care for skin

The Mesoscience skincare machine gently massages your skin and helps lose those wrinkles, blemishes 
and stretch marks

23 Nov 2017

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