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Equal parts North and South Indian, Anagha currently lives in Bengaluru. Behind her glasses and uneven fringe, she writes about music, food, culture, books and movies. Though a travel-bug at heart, she can mostly be found be at home with a frayed paperback, a large mug of tea and some light jazz. This hippie-at-heart wishes she was born in the \'60s. She spends far too much time on the internet than is healthy and considers this piece about herself to be the most difficult one she has had to write.

Smokey the Ghost on his new mixtape, Her Name Is?

In conversation with the Bengaluru-based rapper

23 Jun 2018

Mimansa focuses on Ayurvedic cooking and alternative options  

The chic Foxtrot - House of Subculture launches with a wellness cafe in Koramangala 

14 Jun 2018

In conversation with Arjen Attema from the Broken Brass Ensemble 

The Dutch brass band performs in Bengaluru

07 Jun 2018

At 65,000 sq ft, Byg Brewski Brewing Company lives up to the adjective in its name

This new brewery at Hennur, the largest in Asia, is worth the long drive  

07 Jun 2018

James Blunt talks Carrie Fisher, his new music and life as a father

In conversation with the You’re Beautiful singer in our exclusive interview

01 Jun 2018

Mumbai’s Papacream opens up in the city

We get you the scoop

31 May 2018

Chef Nayak's menu for  Alchemy will make you love "fusion" food

Alchemy promises a menu with regional favourites made from global and trendy ingredients

24 May 2018

Synth artiste Stellar OM Source talks about breaking the rules of music

We speak to the French artiste before her India tour 

24 May 2018

Here's how to celebrate Mother's Day in Bengaluru 

Restaurants in the city promise Japanese delicacies, retro treats and comfort classics

11 May 2018

Dream Baby Dream brings together dance, music and theatre

This surreal production explores visual, lyrical and verbal abstract themes

03 May 2018

Housefull seeks to redefine vegetarian restaurants

This new venture has quirky regional snacks 

29 Mar 2018

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