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When Anoop isn’t cajoled into writing narcissistic bios, he can be found tweeting about music, graphic novels and speculative fiction. Also, for someone whose intestines haven’t worked since 2009, he sure is fond of writing about food. P.S He’s perpetually obsessed with creating the ‘perfect tracklist’ for his next Soundcloud mix.

Ibis Kochi’s first-ever food festival lets you
kart through Karaikudi

Embark on a journey of fiery flavours.

17 May 2018

Tuhin Mehta: one of India’s most respected electronic music artistes

The artiste returns to perform in Kochi after almost a decade

04 May 2018

Indulge Miss Glam World 2018: The first international beauty pageant in India in 22 years

Here’s the low-down on everything that happened at Indulge Miss Glam World 2018, the biggest international beauty pageant in the country in over two decades. 

04 May 2018

Renowned artist Dyro discusses his headlining gig at Kochi's Island Music Festival

From a self-taught bedroom DJ to globetrotting superstar.

26 Apr 2018

40 models from 40 countries arrive for Indulge Miss Glam World 2018 in Kochi

The last international beauty pageant held in India was back in 1996

26 Apr 2018

Novotel Kochi Infopark has a diner that creates a melange of international & ethnic cuisine

This is the second AccorGroup property to open in Kochi

23 Apr 2018

This collaborative project attempts to protect Kerala’s fading traditional art forms 

Indian American scholar Kanta Kochhar explains the importance of preserving our cultural heritage

20 Apr 2018

Dualist Inquiry releases new music after an 18-month hiatus

This tune signals a new sonic direction for the Delhi-based multi-instrumentalist.

20 Apr 2018

How sick are we? In a shocker, J&K Kathua rape victim’s name emerges as top search on porn website

Here's how the perversion of a large number of porn consumers is putting India to shame 

16 Apr 2018

Two Malayalam plays have been nominated for India’s most coveted theatre awards

The 13th annual Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards is about to begin.

12 Apr 2018

We dig up the ‘confection connection’ between South India’s harvest festivals

Let the celebrations for Vishu, Puthandu, Baisakhi, and Poila Boishakh, begin with these
sweet treats

12 Apr 2018

Kochi’s Blue Rock bar serves a winning mixture of cocktails and ‘short eats’

Despite a lack of imported brands, folks who regularly engage in bar-hopping will definitely think of this as an alternative to M G Road’s Mezzo.

06 Apr 2018

‘Sudani from Nigeria’ actor cites racism and unfair remuneration practices in Kerala’s film industry

"I did experience racial discrimination from producers in Kerala."

31 Mar 2018

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