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When Anoop isn’t cajoled into writing narcissistic bios, he can be found tweeting about music, graphic novels and speculative fiction. Also, for someone whose intestines haven’t worked since 2009, he sure is fond of writing about food. P.S He’s perpetually obsessed with creating the ‘perfect tracklist’ for his next Soundcloud mix.

This restaurant specialises in serving heirloom recipes from Kerala

Trilogi’s revamped menu includes unique dishes like chemeen urulakkizhangu dosa.

02 Aug 2018

Stand-up comedian Zakir Khan wants to punch people...
in their insecurities

After sold-out tours in the US and Canada, Zakir is making his Kerala debut.

03 Aug 2018

This chef from Chalakudy
has earned a Michelin star
five years in a row!

Chef Justin Paul talks about his gastronomic adventures at The Golden Peacock

26 Jul 2018

This Kochi pop-up will highlight Raw Mango’s designer wear and fine jewellery by Amrapali

’Tis the season: Stock up your wedding wardrobe.

26 Jul 2018

Current whitewater kayaking world champion Nouria Newman on heading to India

An endless thirst for discovering new horizons.

12 Jul 2018

One-on-one with extreme kayaker and Red Bull Athlete Dane Jackson

Dane Jackson is whitewater royalty. 

12 Jul 2018

The biggest names in whitewater kayaking talk about Malabar River Festival

Touted to be Asia’s largest extreme kayaking event, Malabar River Festival promises much more than just a $20,000 prize pool.

15 Jul 2018

Our pick of the best football World Cup finale screening parties in Kochi

Where are you watching the final on July 15? 

12 Jul 2018

Telegram is becoming one of the hottest non-profit privacy-focussed apps

Take a sneak peek into encrypted messaging app’s ties to risqué content

09 Jul 2018

Touted as Kerala’s first-ever gourmet food truck, Hoggers rolls into Kochi

But, is the food offered at this drivable kitchen truly gourmet?

05 Jul 2018

Comedian Bhargav Ramakrishnan brings his first solo show to Kochi

It revolves around him progressing through every Indian millennials’ rite of passage

06 Jul 2018

Planning on collecting World Cup souvenirs? Here's our pick of must-have football merch

From a limited-edition matchball trunk to the official referee smartwatch, the 2018 World Cup has taken luxury a notch higher 

28 Jun 2018

Award-winning international restaurant chain Punjab Grill, opens its first Kerala outlet

This restaurant chain gives a gourmet twist to contemporary North Indian fare

28 Jun 2018

This intense women-centric play from Kerala has global conglomerates in its crosshairs

It follows the impact of such calamitous corporate decisions, white-collar crime, and its implications on the families involved, especially how women deal with it.

28 Jun 2018

Kochi’s WaffleBae is all about Belgian sweet treats, thick shakes, and more

Despite what the internet believes, waffles are more than just pancakes with abs.

21 Jun 2018

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