Ayesha Tabassum


A true-blue South Bengalurean, Ayesha is the ooru girl who loves her morning workout at Lalbagh and follows this with butter masala dosa breakfast at Vidyarthi Bhavan. She writes about fitness, theatre (she always wanted to be on stage), cinema, books and art. An ailurophile and a hardcore Bollywood fan she mimics her three cats and well-known actors/singers.

Sunny Leone speaks about life, love and Bollywood 

Sunny Leone has her eyes set on the whole wide world, and she’s likely to have it all too.

28 Feb 2017

Strawberry Champagne Parfait recipe by Chef Avijit Gosh

Learn how to make this delicious dish

01 Mar 2017

Spencer Kelly on Click

Spencer Kelly talks about Click’s upcoming India season and gadgets that don’t appeal to him

01 Mar 2017

North West Frontier cuisine served with a twist at Bengaluru's most popular restaurant Tijouri

Radisson Blue Atria's Tijouri relaunches with a new Khyber menu for foodies

10 Mar 2017

Road film Gaali Beeja questions the rural-urban divide, but aesthetically

It took 11 months for multimedia artist and filmmaker Babu Eshwar Prasad to get Censor Board certification for his road film that brings to the fore rural-urban divide

10 Mar 2017

A new play that questions contemporary India through different tales 

Indradhanush Theatre presents Pensato on March 25 and 29

16 Mar 2017

Padel Tennis debuts in India, in Bengaluru on March 25

One of Spain's most popular leisure sport, Padel Tennis, to be launched by sports entrepreneur Ronnie Sehgal

16 Mar 2017

Singer Neha Bhasin doesn't miss her first band Viva

Neha Bhasin talks of your journey in Bollywood and how difficult it has been to reach the top

23 Mar 2017

In conversation with the Shahs, the first family of Indian theatre

 Riding Madly Off In All Directions.

24 Mar 2017

I am the hero of my films, says Taapsee Pannu

Just before her next big release, Taapsee Pannu tells us why she chose the roles she did and how it has worked in her favour

28 Mar 2017

Indira Nagar gets a new Bootlegger

This well-known player launches another outlet with an unusual cocktail menu

30 Mar 2017

It's not difficult to be a storyteller in Bollywood

 Rahul Bose tells us why there is still scope for storytelling in Bollywood

05 Apr 2017

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