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The writer is an avid football fan who writes poems when lazy and has food when busy. Besides writing for Indulge, he also reads up on global affairs and cosmic news, plus everything in between. He likes to buy books that he won\'t read and read newspapers that he needn’t buy (duh!). A Virgo at heart and journalist by design, he wishes to see a world with no guns one day and hopes to write a masterpiece about love - one for the ages.

Haritam in Kilpauk serves vegetarian and diabetic friendly food

Try delicious south indian food and upcoming diabetic-friendly food at Haritam in Kilpauk

02 Mar 2017

DJ Snake meets Nucleya in Sunburn Arena´s latest edition on the east coast road

Sunburn Arena will make for a natural transition for Chennai as a party destination.

02 Mar 2017

Festive cuisine from Bengal at Ashivta Bistro

Feast from the East by Chef Priya-darshini Gupta

02 Mar 2017

Sterling Holidays resort in Anaikatti

A quaint resort in the midst of forested land and on a river bank

04 Mar 2017

Korean artist Mi Yeon Kim

Exhibition on till Feb 22nd

01 Mar 2017

Theatre Nisha’s latest production, The Cut

The play aims to show to what extent war can affect relationships

01 Mar 2017

Roysten Abel’s The Manganiyar Seduction 

Debuting in the city

01 Mar 2017

Dins Radion, a florida-based saxofonist

She comes a-calling with bubble dancers for company

01 Mar 2017

Lukas Mantel on Carnatic fusion

Performing during the Margazhi season

01 Mar 2017

Ooty’s first literary festival 

Over 80 books and insightful discussions

08 Mar 2017

The Madras Players brings a new adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

The city-based theatre group is set to revive Shakespearean love in Michael Muthu’s latest presentation

15 Mar 2017

Master jazz-rock drummer JP Bouvet visits Chennai 

The American drummer talks about his upcoming album, musical preferences and his connection with India, ahead of performing with Steve Vai, Nuno Bettencourt and other music legends

10 Mar 2017

There’d be no Vidya Vox without Shankar Tucker: Vidya Iyer

Ahead of her debut concert in Chennai, Vidya Iyer decodes her music, her bond with Shankar Tucker and why change is necessary

17 Mar 2017

Ashwati Parameshwar, a soprano from Delhi, prepares to enthrall Chennai crowds

Save the date for Ashwati Parameshwar’s opera next week, as she tells us what to expect from her debut performance in Chennai

17 Mar 2017

The show goes on: SPB posts videos from his San Jose concert, two days after his legal dispute with Ilayaraja grabbed headlines

The award-winning singer thanked his fans for the support, urging them to stay calm and not sensationalise the issue

20 Mar 2017

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