Rehna Abdul Kareem


Serial Instagrammer and a morning person. Love to explore new filters and photo ops. Resident infidel with a soft corner for bacon. Swipes right on good humour and left on bad grammar. When not writing, she can be found binge-shopping at the neighbourhood supermarket.

From plate to palette 

Waffle doors and a broccoli Bodhi tree? Subhashini Chandramani's kitchen exploits never get stale

21 Sep 2017

Confessions of a cycling artist from Mylapore, Chennai

Bhavya Desai,  takes us on a trip to Mylapore as he speaks about its charm and how it inspires him to make more art.

24 Sep 2017

Of machines, monocles and moustaches 

It's all about men's health and horsepower at The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride this weekend 

23 Sep 2017

A collection of cerulean blue to steel blue gowns

Ashwin Thiyagarajan’s new collection ‘A gloomy affair,’ is visually stunning

28 Sep 2017

An artist's moondance 

22 nights to create 1 giant glass grid artwork. A mixed media artist, a graphic designer and a musician come together to create stunning art in the night   

29 Sep 2017

Chennai girls make the cut on Queens of Comedy 

Representing Chennai at Queens of Comedy are Niveditha Prakasam and Saadiya Ali. Here's what they had to say about 

28 Sep 2017

Between madness and tranquillity 

Young and fierce, indietronica artiste Sanjana Rajnarayan gets talking about her debut album MADM 

28 Sep 2017

Chiffon skyfall

Inspired by the sky, Ashwin Thiyagarajan's new line 'A gloomy affair' is visually splendid

28 Sep 2017

Versatility in verse

With her new book Bottles and Bones out on the stands, Toronto-based Ayesha Chatterjee gets candid about her style and influences

04 Oct 2017

Luxury diamantaire Nirav Modi makes the perfect cut with his latest line 

Nirav Modi gets talking about his signature style, the craftsmanship behind his designs and his visit to the city... 

06 Oct 2017

Hummus where the heart is 

Get your Mediterranean fix with Mezze's smorgasbord of subtle and fresh Middle Eastern flavours.

06 Oct 2017

Until we meat again

The newly opened branch of Chili's at Phoenix MarketCity is a meat-lover's paradise

05 Oct 2017

Punk n' pop: Actor Ashwin Kakumanu's wardrobe essentials

From Robert Downey Jr’s sunglasses in Civil War to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s leather jacket in Terminator, here’s actor Ashwin’s fashion A-list 

12 Oct 2017

AR Rahman: Singara Chennai to Seattle Symphony

25 years of making music. Over 150 movie scores. Three musicals. One constant. AR Rahman, the musical time-traveller, is still pushing boundaries with symphonies and unique global projects

12 Oct 2017

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