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Ever heard of earth acupuncture?

Earth acupuncture promotes the flow of blocked meridians and allows negativity to clear

20 Apr 2017

Feng shui decor 101

A structure located in harmony with nature and arranged for comfort, security, and vitality will become a source of well-being and prosperity for its occupants.

11 May 2017

The north-west corner of your house could help raise your income

Feng shui associates the north west corner of the house with the bread winner and is important in terms of  advancements of career, enhancement of income and the support of mentors

04 Aug 2017

Fragrant spaces usher in positive energy

A space whish is clean and smells pleasant ushers in positive chi

20 Jul 2017

Grow more trees to have a balanced flow of energy

Some of the auspicious fengshui trees are —Pomegranate, red dates and apple tree.

04 Aug 2017

Lighting can lift the positive energy in your home

A simple approach to activating good energy is the use of intelligent lighting

21 Sep 2017

How to feng shui your jewellery

Jewellery reflects the harmonious synergy of elements like earth and metal

07 Oct 2017

De-cluttering your space can put you in better health

Look for areas which have been neglected and re-do your furniture and bedroom if you find yourself falling sick often 

17 Nov 2017

Boudoir balance: The do's & don'ts from a feng shui expert

Consiously design the intimate spaces in your home to help your relationship flourish

22 Dec 2017

How to grow a money garden

Turn a new leaf on your finances this year with a little help from potted plants in your balcony

05 Jan 2018

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