Simar Bhasin

The long pass: Indian football history with Novy Kapadia

India’s leading journalist takes his love for the sport to the next level

15 Sep 2017

A brief history of cinema through the eyes of Soumendu Roy

Devapriya Sanyal’s book, Through the Eyes of a Cinematographer: A Biography of Soumendu Roy brings to light the cinematographer's contribution to Indian cinema. 

23 Sep 2017

Greater case in point: Rupi Kaur's new-age poetry for Gurmukhi

New-age poetry gets a lesson in preserving the Gurmukhi script in Rupi Kaur's second collection. 

17 Oct 2017

Maria Qamar’s great dictionary of aunties

Maria Qamar’s first book, Trust No Aunty, profiles every kind of aunt out there — from the matchmakers and weight-watchers to the overfeeders and online stalkers

30 Oct 2017

A Tangle of Brungles - Shobha Viswanath’s twist on Macbeth

Shobha Viswanath’s new picture book, A Tangle of Brungles, gives the classic fairy tale a twist

30 Oct 2017

Fight song meets romance novel in Rishabh Puri’s new book

A fight song meets a romance novel, tracing a streak of optimism, in Rishabh Puri’s second book.

19 Dec 2017

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