John Oakes: The reader’s publisher

John Oakes talks about being an independent publisher in the changing landscape.

David Grossman

Israeli writer wins Man Booker prize

Grossman on Wednesday night beat his compatriot Amos Oz and four other contenders for the prize.

Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond gifts fans his autobiography

Ruskin Bond gifts his fans an autobiography which is the longest book ever written by him. 

Jules Evans

Searching for ecstasy across a spectrum of transcendence 

A peaceful, absorbed or transcendent state of mind has significance beyond a pleasent diversion contends philosopher Jules Evans in his book. 

Neil George

Kochiite Neil George embraces comics to explain the world of brand management

Indian graphic narratives have evolved beyond mythology and folklore

Meenukal Chumbikkunnu

Meenukal Chumbikkunnu: Are we ready to talk homosexuality yet?

Author of the controversial novel Meenukal Chumbikkunnu on moving away from male-centric narratives

At 83, Ruskin Bond releases his first ever memoir for children

Bond travels to his past, recalling his favourite adventures in the capital. 

Alia Bhatt and Amish Tripathi

Alia Bhatt launches trailer of Amish Tripathi's upcoming book

Amish Tripathi along with Alia Bhatt unveiled the fearless warrior visual of Lady Sita through the unique book trailer

Ruskin Bond

Guess what books Ruskin Bond loved as a youngster? Read on

Ruskin Bond opens a window to his earliest encounters with incredible writers and their wonderful writings that shaped him


America, the beautiful tramp: In praise of Chandler’s bad girls

Six decades after Philip Marlowe, America still has no way to reconcile its yearning for an uncorrupted past with a present that seduces yet repulses the world. By LS Hilton

Chetan Bhagat

I'm not foolish to copy from published work: Chetan Bhagat

Anvita Bajpai, has reportedly filed a lawsuit in a Bengaluru court, restraining sales of One Indian Girl

Rick Riordan

The continuing travails of a demoted sun god

Rick Riordan pens The Dark Prophecy ( The Trials of Apollo Book 2)

Barack Obama

Obama proposed to another woman before Michelle

Obama eventually asked Jaeger to marry him again before he departed for Harvard Law School

Sachin Tendulkar

Three biographies capture the lives of Tendulkar, Ramdev, Kohli

These biographies, published by Rupa and Aleph, bring the stories of Sachin Tendulkar, Baba Ramdev and Virat Kohli to the fore

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