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Comic geeks, ahoy! Here's all you need to know about Comic-con Hyderabad 2018

Catch your favourite comic superheroes and stock up on official merchandise at the pop culture event, this weekend.

Published on 12th October 2018

Anil Lamba launches his book on stocks at MMA Management Centre

The book tells readers about the basic concepts like functioning of the investment cycle, mutual funds, and share price fixing while also giving them tips on how to invest.

Published on 12th October 2018
face earings

Update your wardrobe with this trendy online store’s vintage accessories

From Kurt Cobain shades to fork-spoon gold metal earrings and more.

Published on 11th October 2018

Facebook launches Portal auto-zooming video chat screens

Facebook’s first hardware product combines Alexa with a countertop video chat screen that zooms to always keep you in frame. 

Published on 10th October 2018

Google announces Pixel 3 and 3 XL with ‘world’s best camera’ to be the most useful phone

The camera with the help of AI technology will select the best picture from the burst of photos and remove all the blur photos.

Published on 10th October 2018

Minnie Menon launches her new collection of latest stone jewellery for her fifth anniversary in 2018

Chennai entrepreneur Minnie Menon's latest collection of stone jewellery is what every girl needs to own right now

Published on 5th October 2018

Woods London launches new collection in Jubilee Hills

Wood you not? 

Published on 5th October 2018
OnMobile launches ONMO Videos in India, Bangladesh & the Middle East with focus on curated regional

Farzi cafe launches a new menu 

With a twist

Published on 28th September 2018

Now, you can order windmills in 18 karat gold...

Well on your earrings, we mean. Studio Tara has a revamped look and two new collections out this weekend

Published on 31st August 2018

France launches subsidies for female filmmakers: reports


Productions with women in eight key positions will get a 15 per cent bonus.

Published on 21st September 2018
Mehndi in Ritika's design

Homegrown label Ritika is rebranding and is all set to showcase at the India Fashion Week in London

Choose between a floral line named Eden, an earthy line named Terra and Timeline Genesis, a Kalamkari line this weekend.

Published on 21st September 2018

The Body Shop launches new collection

Pamper yourself with the new products available at GVK One. 

Published on 20th September 2018

RAR Studio launches new collection at Anahita, Hyderabad

Royal touch

Published on 20th September 2018

Simba beer is now in Bengaluru, here's everything you need to know

In conversation with CEO Prabhtej Singh Bhatia, as the brand launches in Bengaluru

Published on 21st September 2018

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