In Frame: Nikkolas Smith

Heroic art of Nikkolas Smith ‘fixing the broken bones of the world’

The artist began his career at Walt Disney Imagineering; there he designed for Disney theme parks

From the Indian Ceramics Triennale in Delhi

Indian Ceramics Triennale: Down to earth

From patterned pots and cisterns to ceramic bird skeletons, the ongoing Indian Ceramics Triennale in Delhi is an ode to the earth’s gifts and reminds us of the primordial closeness of man and mud. 

Image used for representation

Painting the Big Fat Indian Wedding

With her unique artworks drawn live on site, lawyer-turned-wedding painter Noor is immortalising the big day for Delhi’s couples and making their weddings stand out


EXCL: Hashbass, Divyam Sodhi open up about mellow new melody, Ranjha

The visuals capture modern-day Ranjha who wanders around town in search of meaning and in him, you find yourself...

In frame: DJ Illenium

We bring you everything you need to know about American DJ Illenium’s first-ever India tour

He has released five studio albums and some of his most notable remixes include The Chainsmokers’ Don’t Let Me Down, Taylor Swift’s Anti-Hero and Flume’s Say It.

A Vijay Karthikeyan and Idumbavanam V Prakash Ilaiyaraja

Nagaswaram artistes Vijay Karthikeyan and Prakash Ilaiyaraja to perform at LanFest

Mesmerising renditions by this duo will leave you rejuvenated

Tathagata Bhattacharya with grandmother, writer Mahasweta Devi

'Every age shapes its own writers,' says writer Tathagata Bhattacharya

The grandson of writer and activist Mahasweta Devi, Tathagata, who stays in Noida, says that the novel is, in parts, a response to what has been happening in the country over the past few years

Akshay Jain

Yours Rarely: On south Delhi's antiquarian store

An antiquarian store in south Delhi run by three generations of a family has seen its business evolve and thrive.

Readers are glancing through books offered at the International Book Festival being held at Durbar Hall in Kochi on Tuesday

Kochi Literature Festival to celebrate word power

Kannada writer Dr H S Siva Prakash will inaugurate the event, while former KPSC chairman Dr K S Radhakrishnan will be the guest of honour

Chen Chia-Hao of Taiwan

They Pull a few strings

The 20th edition of the Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival in Delhi is witnessing participation from all over the world. Taiwan’s Hiss and Arf stands out for its narration and glove puppetry

Scenes from Kakadosha

Venkatesh Prasad's play, Kaakadosha, makes a case against centuries of continued oppression of women in India

Kaakadosha skillfully exposes the insidious influence of patriarchy within the familial realm

Scenes from the play

Vibhinna Ramdev’s production is all set for an India Tour kick-starting from Bengaluru

Why English? premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2023

In Frame: Jung Dong Won

Jung Dong Won to venture into forming a dance-focused idol group

The plan entails assembling a dynamic dance ensemble through rigorous audition processes

In frame: Dancers of the WARSZAWIANKA ensemble of the University of Warsaw dance Poland's national polonaise

Once banned, Poland's stately 18th-century dance garners UNESCO honours

Having inspired some of the greatest classical composers including Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Pyotr Tchaikovsky, the polonaise remains timeless

Padma Shri Chitra Visweswaran with her students.

Social media has turned art camera-centric: Padma Shri Chitra Visweswaran

In a free-wheeling chat with us, Padma Shri Chitra Visweswaran opens up about her illustrious career, her first steps into the world of Bharatanatyam, her gurus, and more

Hysterical Comedy Collaborative

India’s only all-women group of comedians brings you unfiltered, unscripted jokes 

Hysterical Comedy Collaborative, comprising 11 funny women, gears up for its 25th show!

Faiyaaz Hussain

Faiyaaz Hussain calls political comedy his forte and that he doesn't mind the hate comments for it

Stand-up comedian Faiyaaz Hussain tells us why he prefers to perform in Tamil, why political jokes are his strong suit and the challenges he faced in his journey


Jamie Lever opens up on being a comedienne today 

Ahead of her one-woman solo show in Mumbai, The Jamie Lever Show, the comedienne speaks to Indulge on comedy today, lessons learnt from her father, upcoming movies and summer fashion styles