Maya Vivek

Maya Vivek: On art of living, economic growth, environmental care and more

Meet the social entrepreneur turning temple flowers into incense and empowering women with sustainable practices

L-R: Artworks by the artist, Brinda

Tao Art Gallery and Bougainvillea Art Gallery join hands to celebrate hand-embroidered visions of Brinda

The exhibition titled The Still and Sanguine: Stitches by Morii will go on up till April 10th

The Havoc Boys ensemble - Naven and Mathan

Creating Havoc!  

Ahead of their performance in Chennai, Havoc Brothers’ Naven talks vernacular rap and more!

Jishan Ali Thobani

Jishan Ali Thobani debuts as a music composer & lyricist with the series Pop Kaun

Saiyan More Ban Gaye Hai Bhaiya More is a fun and quirky song that is sure to make your binge-watching worthwhile.

A still from the music video

Rock band Sanam’s action-packed track Aur Iss Dil Mein has all the mafia vibes

Sanam being one of the most loved rock band in India for the first time brings a track to the audience that is entirely different from their romantic genre and sees them in a new light.

The Half Known Life: In Search of Paradise

Diary of a roving dreamer: 'The Half Known Life: In Search of Paradise' book review

A book about circumambulations around the globe in pursuit of a single geographic location that has it all

A shot from previous edition of BLF

Bangalore Literature Festival 2022 features prominent names like Farhan Akhtar and Sunil Chhetri

The 11th edition of the festival brings a new event for aspiring scriptwriters

Vikram Sampath

Documenting the undocumented

Historian Vikram Sampath’s new book Bravehearts of Bharat brings alive the tale of 15 Indian heroes who have gone missing from our country’s history pages

Denver Anthony Nicholas at the launch of KISS

'KISS', a two-day theatre festival, promises 15 minutes of fame! 

As interesting as the title is, this theatre festival encourages short plays and has a line-up of some well-known names along with amateurs

Shot from Kallu

Scenes from the past: Samahaara manifests radicalism through socially relevant performances

Samahaara’s stellar line-up of contesting and motivating plays is going to enable visitors revel in the enchantment of theatre

Piyush Roy

Award-winning critic-coloumnist Piyush Roy talks about his interest in theatre, trends in theatre performances and more 

Dr Piyush Roy is the dean of School of Liberal Arts and Sciences at RV University

A still from one of the presentations

Sapphire Creations back with its Annual Gala celebrations

Sapphire Annual Gala 2023 will be held at Gyan Manch Theatre on March 29, 7pm onwards.

Madhu Natraj

Palimpsest, choreographed by Madhu Natraj, headlines the FutureFantastic Festival that debuts today in Bengaluru!

Madhu Natraj’s Natya STEM Dance Kampni will perform the headlining act of FutureFantastic that premières this evening

Rahul Talks To People

Comedian Rahul Subramanian's Amazon special 'Rahul Speaks To People' promises humour on the fly

The stand-up comic will be seen engaging in unscripted and unrehearsed conversations with six different sets of audiences across five cities 

A poster of his new show

Here's what to expect from Kenny Sebastian's new show, Professor of Tomfoolery

Kenny has centred his new show, Professor of Tomfoolery, around a single topic that is close to everyone's heart — Family. 

Sorabh Pant

Sorabh Pant talks about life after fatherhood and what he finds most fascinating about Kolkata

In this interview he opens up about filtering jokes according to audience preferences, why he loves performing in the City of Joy and how fatherhood has changed him as a person