Vishal Mishra

Vishal Mishra’s Woh Chaand Kahan Se Laogi gives closure to the bleeding heart

With his latest hit song, Woh Chaand Kahan Se Laogi, Vishal Mishra is offering closure to the ones who are bleeding in love

The Lumineers

Wesley Schultz of The Lumineers talks to us about the upcoming NH7 Weekender gig and going digital 

Wesley Schultz, the lead vocalist and guitarist of the folk rock outfit, just dropped a solo album Vignettes

Tarun Balani

"Jazz is a very heavy four letter word," Tarun Balani talks music, his new EP and virtual gigs 

The Delhi-based jazz drummer and composer makes music under the moniker Seasonal Affected Beats


Suryakant Sawhney on how he makes his online gigs work and the formidable process of making music

The Delhi-based electronica artsite is the frontman of indie outfit Peter Cat Recording Co and has a solo project Lifafa

A still from Khali Khali

YouTuber Sejal Kumar opens up about her new track Khali Khali 

YouTuber and content creator Sejal Kumar has released her original track Khali Khali - an ode to cherishing moments with a loved one in the pandemic. 

Ikka Singh in a song shoot

Musician Ikka Singh talks about his new album and his hip hop journey 

Ikka Singh released his debut album I, and in this candid chat spills beans about his love for music. 

On our November playlist: Kiara Chettri, Suraj Mani, Hashbass and more

Here are some of the hot new releases from the month of November 

Taylor Swift re-records Love Story for Ryan Reynolds’ commercial

2020 Love Story: Taylor Swift and Ryan Reynolds team up for a quirky commercial

The song has been used by Ryan Reynolds’ for his latest commercial in which a devilish looking figure finds true love in a deserted big city during the pandemic.

Korean boy-band BTS strike a pose. Image: Internet

BTS makes history as Life Goes On tops the Billboard Hot 100 chart 

BTS becomes the first Korean band to become No. 1 on the Billboard chart with their Life Goes On, a song from the album BE (Deluxe Edition).

Salil Jamdar

Salil Jamdar’s Tere Jaane Se has the 90s' charm

Tere Jaane Se is also about reforming people for the sake of the ones you love passionately

Tarun Bhattacharya

Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya’s new raga is a tribute to the rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Narmada

Raga Triveni by Pt Tarun Bhattacharya is a tribute to the three rivers of India 

AR Rahman

AR Rahman named ambassador of BAFTA Breakthrough initiative in India

The initiative marks BAFTA's first steps into India. The talent hunt initiative will enable the Academy to identify and nurture up to five talents working in film, games, or television in India.

For Sale?

Tienas' new 5-track EP For Sale? offers a fresh perspective on love and loss 

The EP sees him push the boundaries of pop music, with influences from electronica and vaporwave