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Take a look at these five hair care products that will restore your hair back to its youthful state

No matter if you have curly, straight, wavy hair or battling with dry hair, or oily hair woes, these products have you covered

Home remedies to bid goodbye to that pesky cough or cold

Home remedies to bid goodbye to that pesky cough or cold

If it suits you, try it for sure without jumping on medications immediately

Breathing exercises come in a variety of forms

Here are three breathing exercises you should try and their benefits

Many pranayama techniques to control breathing are described in traditional yoga books

Rashmika’s Pic: B Vasanth Paul | Shruti’s Pic: Adrin Sequeira

From Shruti Haasan and Ranveer Singh to Rashmika Mandanna and Rana Daggubati — celebs and dermatologists are all gung-ho about their own beauty brands

Celebrities across India are releasing their own skincare lines and the most recent to do so are actresses Rashmika Mandanna and Shruti Haasan. We track the trend to find out more...

Keep an eye on this: Tips to maintain your eye health

Keep an eye on this: Tips to maintain your eye health

Here are three ayurvedic treatments to consider to keep the eyes in good shape, according to Noida-based ayurveda practitioner Rupal Goswamy

Alternative treatments to heal your body naturally

Small wonder: Alternative treatments to heal your body naturally

Rooted in ayurveda, nanocellopathy is one such treatment protocol that incorporates the therapeutic properties of plant extract-based oil serums, which maintain the balance of various bodily functions

Ritu Agarwal

Ritu Agarwal talks fitness ahead of the Get Fit With Indulge showdown at Rush Fitness

As the last part of Get Fit with Indulge takes place at Rush Fitness, we catch up with CEO Ritu Agarwal and technical head Sanjay Dutta to know more about why competitions are important

How to heal yourself with sleep

How to heal yourself with sleep

When you are in deep sleep, the body gets a cleanse, hormones help us to repair and rejuvenate and your energy gets renewed


Yogam's Shikha Tiwari shares why a basic fitness regime is important

A fitness enthusiast herself, Shikha sheds light on Yogam’s participation in the competition and why basic fitness is wealth for all of us.

Rashmi Sachdev and Shubhrojyoti Ghosh of Karma Fitness Studio

Rashmi Sachdev and Subhrojyoti Ghosh of Karma Fitness talk about Get Fit with Indulge 

While Rashmi sheds light on Karma’s participation in the competition, Subhrojyoti takes us through some basics of daily fitness regime

Photo: Yoga expert Anshuka Parwani

EXCL: ‘Set a sustainable routine,’ Yoga expert Anshuka Parwani on how to attain fitness goals this year

Anshuka Parwani found her calling in Yoga after a near-death accident left her bedridden

Prosenjit Biswas

Fitness Head of Skulpt Fitness Kolkata talks about Get Fit With Indulge

Get Fit with Indulge is a competitive activity between four gym facilities in Kolkata

Celebrity Pilates instructor Yasmin Karachiwala

EXCL: 'I wanted to keep workout interesting for people all the time,' says celebrity Pilates instructor Yasmin Karachiwala

Ahead of the fourth edition of Pilates Festival India, Yasmin shares how Pilates can transform your body from within and busts common myths about the exercise form

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Practice Acro Yoga with your partner in this unque fitness session

Working out together is a great way to strengthen bonding

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Kick off winter skin care on a radiant note with these six face masks

We list out six must have masks that are hydrating, nourishing and perfect for Indian winter