Must-have gym equipment

Five must-have equipment for home workouts to improve your fitness journey

Here are a few items to consider buying before starting your weight loss or weight gain journey

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The happiness factor; tips to manage anxiety and stress

According to a new research, unhappiness or loneliness accelerates the aging process more than smoking. CE speaks to experts to find out more

Most beginners struggle to maintain their stillness during meditation

Here are some simple tips for beginners to follow while meditating 

A few of the many benefits of this age-old practice include greater inner strength and the ability to maintain emotional stability, among others 

Makeup for Diwali

This Diwali, protect your skin with these four useful skincare tips!

To make sure our skin doesn’t look very dull or face breakouts, medical and aesthetic dermatologist Dr Poorva Shah has four tips to share.  

There are more than 100 different forms of arthritis

Here are some common misconceptions and proven facts about arthritis

Although this ailment is relatively widespread, several myths continue to keep people from getting the care they require to reduce their symptoms and improve their quality of life

The benefits of neem are many

Here’s how to make the most of the green goodness of neem, in products we’re sure you’ll love

The benefits of neem are much touted and celebrated; we scour the market to find new ways to use this medicinal herb

For daily consumption, it is advised to eat about 28 g, or about a handful, of walnuts.

Here is why you should add walnuts to your daily diet

According to a new scientific study that was published in Advances of Nutrition, a heart-healthy eating pattern should include foods high in plant-based omega-3 ALA, such as walnuts

A nice mattress is one of the key elements in getting a good night's sleep

Here are some tell-tale signs of a bad mattress

A mattress is now typically used for a considerable amount of time. Therefore, a great amount of thought should be given before buying a mattress

We must select an oil that most fits our health requirements and taste preferences

Here are five health benefits of blended cooking oils

Contrary to common belief, we need to keep in mind that fat is a macronutrient that is necessary for our body to function properly in addition to focusing on minimising the quantity of fat in our diet

In this humid and ever-changing climate, it is crucial to take care of your baby's skin

Here is how to choose body care lotions for your newborn's skincare routine

When choosing the appropriate skin-care products for your child, one must exercise extreme caution and ideally only use items that have received clinical approval

Frequent exercise can cause exhaustion, which can be lessened by obtaining adequate rest or sleeping for an entire night| credit: Zohre Nemati (Unsplash)

Here is how nutrition can help you to combat fatigue

Fatigue is a recurring, unusual state of tiredness and sleepiness. When you're exhausted, it could be challenging and discouraging to stick to your regular regimen

Black alkaline water has added minerals, a pH of 8 or higher, ultra-hydrating, detoxifying, and anti-ageing properties

The rising trend of black alkaline water among Indian celebrities

Black water is ideal as it provides the skin with all the nutrients and alkaline energy needed

By practising these yoga techniques you can stay healthy and bright throughout this Diwali season

Here are six yoga exercises to keep you fit and glowing for the festive season

By practising these yoga techniques, which include asanas (body postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation, you can stay healthy and bright throughout the season

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Hyderabad is now home to the world’s first and only procedure-less swallowable gastric balloon. 

CDSCO approved weight loss measure, a balloon to help pop that weight

Research shows that training in mindfulness helps to lower stress| Photo credit: Olga Nayda (Unsplash)

Here are some mindful habits to adopt for self-care

Every day, anxiety and stress affect each of us. It can be difficult to keep a calm attitude given the ambiguity of the world and the constant change in our surroundings