Cycling has several benefits that ensure good health.

Pedal your way to a healthy lifestyle; here are some of the benefits of cycling

Cycling has immense health benefits and cycling regularly can keep you healthy and active. Not just physical fitness, it could also be beneficial for your mental health.

Trina Saha

Trina Saha shares her fitness fundas and skin care routine

We spoke to her about her idea of fitness and the importance of being at peace

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‘Gut’ well soon: How gut health helps in leading a healthy life

Health experts from Delhi-NCR give us a rundown on why and how improving gut health can translate into having a healthy life

A workout session at Bounce Fitness Studio in Panampilly Nagar | A Sanesh

Back in fit & phat mode

Gyms are making slow, steady comeback as Kochiites are returning to their pre-pandemic fitness regimen 

Rohit Prathap

Move like an animal

Animal Flow, the new ‘it’ exercise regime is all about getting in touch with the primal being within you.

Easy inner thigh stretches

Fitness instructor Paramvir Singh gives five easy exercises to strengthen abductor muscles near the thigh

“Responsible for stability, working it out regularly will ease muscle tension in the legs and groin, and improve athletic performance,” he says