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Here are some tell-tale signs of a bad mattress

A mattress is now typically used for a considerable amount of time. Therefore, a great amount of thought should be given before buying a mattress

We must select an oil that most fits our health requirements and taste preferences

Here are five health benefits of blended cooking oils

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Black alkaline water has added minerals, a pH of 8 or higher, ultra-hydrating, detoxifying, and anti-ageing properties

The rising trend of black alkaline water among Indian celebrities

Black water is ideal as it provides the skin with all the nutrients and alkaline energy needed

Rashmika’s Pic: B Vasanth Paul | Shruti’s Pic: Adrin Sequeira

From Shruti Haasan and Ranveer Singh to Rashmika Mandanna and Rana Daggubati — celebs and dermatologists are all gung-ho about their own beauty brands

Celebrities across India are releasing their own skincare lines and the most recent to do so are actresses Rashmika Mandanna and Shruti Haasan. We track the trend to find out more...

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Akash Choudhary

I have a six step night regime for skin: Bhagya Lakshmi’s Akash Choudhary

Few actors ever accept that they look after their skin, but Splitsvilla 10 famed Akash Choudhary is admittedly quite proud of his body care routine