Wellness special: Why you should't just pay attention to what you eat but how you eat

Mindful eating which means being present during a meal has a huge impact on our health

Skinkraft's haircare range

Check out the latest range of Skinkraft’s customised hair care products

Launched in 2018, Skinkraft offers over 200,000 customers with its range of customised skincare products.


Hair care tips: Adhuna Bhabani of BBLUNT has the right remedies for this winter

From Gloom To Va-Va-Voom, Team Bblunt Fills You In On Ways To Keep Hair Healthy This Winter Season

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IIT-Hyderabad researchers unravel protein mechanism to mend damaged DNA

The institute has discovered the mechanism by which these repair proteins assemble when DNA is under threat.

Winter health woes (Photo: IANS)

Winter health woes: Top doctors suggest a few precautions to beat the chill and stay safe

As the cold wave has gripped entire North India, doctors suggest precautions be taken to keep oneself safe and healthy.

Deepak Sahni, Founder & CEO, Healthians.com

'Millennial Indians are becoming health conscious', says Deepak Sahni of Healthians

Deepak Sahni, Founder & CEO, Healthians.com chats about the need for preventive healthcare in the new era of healthy and organic food.