Aswini Sagar, a clinical and sports nutritionist who is running Ahaarveda.

Regulating picky Eating

A number of factors lead to picky eating among teenagers. Food sensitivities, food textures or memories associated with the food, food habits, the environment or even developmental adaptation.

Anish Jain and Mukesh Ravi

Fit and Fab

Body builders and models — Mukesh Ravi and Anish Jain — give us some major fitness goals

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Conquering the procrastination puzzle

CE talks to psychologists to break down what procrastination means psychologically and how one can cope with it

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Understanding brain tumours

On the occasion of World Brain Tumour Day, CE speaks to experts about the symptoms and conditions.

Our sedentary jobs weaken the muscles in our spine, lumbar region, and trunk, which results in back discomfort

Here are some tips to maintain spinal health and prevent back pain

For many people, enduring chronic pain can have a crippling effect on their quality of life