YouTube (Photo: IANS)

YouTube follows Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus and Apple to reduce video streaming quality

Google-owned YouTube on Wednesday announced that it is reducing streaming quality for users in India in order "to reduce strain on Internet networks during the coronavirus pandemic."

At Maker village in Kerala's Integrated Startup Complex, Technology Innovation Zone (Photo: IANS)

This Kochi company has robots to spray hand sanitiser, distribute face masks for employees

At Maker village here in Kerala, there are two robots who dispense sanitisers by spraying it on employees' hands and even distribute masks to those who need them.


RIP Jack Welch: 'There was no corporate leader like Neutron Jack,' says Donald Trump

Jack Welch, who built General Electric into a global industrial flagship and became one of America's best-known businessmen, died on Monday aged 84, the company said.

A handout photo by Nasa and Earth Observatory of China (AFP PHOTO/NASA/Earth Observatory/Joshua Stevens)

NASA images show a drastic drop in China pollution levels as a result of coronavirus outbreak

NASA satellite images show a dramatic fall in pollution over China that is "partly related" to the economic slowdown due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Pekka Lundmark and Rajeev Suri (AFP/Lehtikuva/Markku Ulander)

Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri to step down in September, replaced by Fortum chief Pekka Lundmark

Nokia's chief executive officer Rajeev Suri will leave the telecom equipment provider in September and be replaced by the current head of Finnish energy group Fortum.

The New Indian Express Group attains a new milestone

Fastest growing news portal: The New Indian Express Group attains a new milestone

The New Indian Express Group websites have recorded a growth of 56% on the mobile platform - the highest among top 50 news portals - between October and December 2019.

Revenge porn on the rise (Source: Internet)

Social media pitfalls: 'Revenge porn' on the rise, not limited to vengeance any longer

Image-based sexual abuse, also known as 'revenge porn' is not limited to jilted ex-lovers out for vengeance, say researchers, adding that it is also used by perpetrators in stalking and harassment.

Global pandemic alert (Kim Jun-beom/Yonhap via AP, File)

Global pandemic scare: Health officials worry as untraceable virus clusters emerge

In South Korea, Singapore and Iran, clusters of infections are leading to a jump in cases of the new viral illness outside China.

Hinge dating app (Hinge via AP)

Online dating trends: As taboos fade away, youngsters look for more than endless swiping

While taboos surrounding online dating are long gone, some of today’s app users are sick of the endless swiping and virtual pen-paling that leads nowhere when it comes to long-term relationships.

Travellers at Hong Kong Airport (AFP/Vivek Prakash)

DIY virus protection: Hong Kongers are now making their own masks amid shortages

With chronic face mask shortages in the midst of a virus outbreak, Hong Kongers have started making their own - with a pop-up production line and seamstresses churning them out on sewing machines.

3D printed jaw helps oral cancer survivor (Photo: IANS)

First-of-its-kind surgery: 3D-printed jaw helps oral cancer survivor in Faridabad eat again

Faridabad resident Prabhjeet, an oral cancer survivor, lost the right half of his jaw bone seven years back. In all those years he lived on a liquid diet until 3D printing came to his rescue.

Madhav Sheth, Co-Founder and CEO, realme India

Tech changemakers 2020: People to watch out for and follow this year

Cloud data protection and management company Druva, which started its journey in India in 2008 and has surpassed $100 million in annual recurring revenue, crossed $1 billion in valuation last year.

NASA (File Photo: IANS)

NASA loses contact with a satellite designed to study planets outside our solar system

NASA has lost contact with a satellite designed to study planets outside our solar system.

Netflix (Photo: IANS)

Netflix in India: 70% users watch one film a week, viewing ranks highest worldwide

Seventy per cent Netflix subscribers watch at least one film a week in India and as a percentage of overall time spent on the streaming platform, film viewing in the country is the highest worldwide.

NASA astronaut Christina Koch (Source: Internet File Photo)

NASA astronaut Christina Koch breaks record for the longest spaceflight by a woman

NASA astronaut Christina Koch on Saturday set a new record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman, eclipsing the record of 288 days set by former NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson in 2016-17.