Beluga introduces a new menu of sumptuous plated desserts 

Sakshi Kaithwas

Dessert means unbridled happiness and crafting moments that can be deeply etched in your memories. If you take your desserts seriously, do try out the newly launched menu by Beluga that offers a rich, varied tapestry of desserts, ensuring a perfect delicacy for everyone who comes with a sweet tooth. Their plated desserts are the new additions to the menu.

The beautiful restaurant, bathed in a white hue, enveloped us in tranquility. The indoor and outdoor seating arrangements ensure everyone can grab a bite in whichever setting they want to. Although it felt breezy and cheerful outside, we preferred to sit indoors. The gastronomic journey kick-started with Date A Dream. It featured a preparation of dates served with a scoop of ice cream on top. There was some thick sticky toffee pudding as well. The platter showcased a few caramelised popcorns for that much-needed crunch. We first poured the pudding into the dessert and took a spoonful of it. The dessert was mindblowing as we had expected.

Date a Dream

Right after this, we dived into Rocher — Rium that resembled a big ball of Ferrero Rocher chocolate. As we broke the ball, we could see the Gianduja crémeux teamed with hazelnut mousse. The ball was beautifully placed over white chocolate snow, and the smokiness enhanced the overall experience.

Rocher - Rium

Wait till we tell you about their best-selling Sinful Marquise. This consisted of chocolate marquise accompanied by raspberry sorbet for that tangy spin. The other elements include chocolate ganache, white chocolate snow, and blueberries. The founder of Beluga, Bindu Reddy says, “We have tried balancing the taste of desserts. Plated desserts usually contain various elements for taste and aesthetic purposes. But you know what, the whole point is to savour a little bit of every item together in every bite. ”

She further says, “This is the place where you can surrender to the magic of pleated desserts. My husband and I are big-time foodies. We explored a variety of desserts from different places when we would live overseas in Sydney. But when we came back to Hyderabad, it was difficult to spot places that could really satiate our sweet tooth cravings. So, we started Beluga for the pure love for desserts.”

Bitten Black

Coming to our culinary indulgence, we also dived into Bitten Black. It represented the delectable black forest cake but with a phenomenal makeover. Made with the goodness of cherry confit, chocolate biscuit and chocolate cremeux, this was pure bliss that sent the ripples of pleasure throughout the body. The indulgent delight was teamed with milk chocolate snow and mascarpone ice cream.

Rs 1,800 for two.

At Jubilee Hills.

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