Here are ten things to do this NYE other than party

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Host a game night with your buddies

Without board games at home, a New Year's Eve celebration would be incomplete. Here, anything from Twister to Medium should be on the table.

Fire up the barbeque

Get a barbecue and some high-quality coal, then set it up outside. You can use a number of meats and vegetables

Sing your heart out with Karaoke

One of the finest suggestions for a low-key New Year's party at home is to sing karaoke with your loved ones. You only need a working record player for this, and that's it.

Watch your favorite TV shows

One of the best ways to spend New Year's Eve is to watch your films or television programmes.

Plan ahead by making New Year’s resolutions

Decide on your intents, goals, and resolutions for 2023. It is indeed corny. But preparation may also be energising and clear.

Call your loved ones

You likely needed support from your friends and family to get through this year. Call them to express your gratitude, check in, share tales, and discuss your plans for 2023.

Prepare cocktails at home

You won't have to stand in line for an expensive drink if you celebrate at home, which is a significant plus! Instead, make sure you have plenty of your favourite alcoholic beverages on hand, including mixers, beer, wine, and spirits.

Play video games

It's alright if Mario Kart and Among Us are the only video games you excel at. Your new favourite tradition can be to play a video game with your partner or friends.

Bake and decorate a cake

Try out a new recipe for cookies, brownies, pie, or cake on New Year's Eve. Baking sweets can make anything better.


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