Anagha M


Equal parts North and South Indian, Anagha currently lives in Bengaluru. Behind her glasses and uneven fringe, she writes about music, food, culture, books and movies. Though a travel-bug at heart, she can mostly be found be at home with a frayed paperback, a large mug of tea and some light jazz. This hippie-at-heart wishes she was born in the \'60s. She spends far too much time on the internet than is healthy and considers this piece about herself to be the most difficult one she has had to write.

Pineapple Express’ new EP Passages is inspired by the dark side of the world we live in

The seven-member outfit, which was born in 2016, blends Carnatic music with rock, electronic and progressive elements

15 Sep 2020

Shubham Roy talks to us about his upcoming four-track EP

“I am releasing the whole EP as singles, over the next few months,” the artiste tells us

11 Sep 2020

On our August playlist: New music by Sanoli Chowdhury, Anushka Nadia Menon, Mali and more

Here's our pick of new music by Indian independent artistes this month 

03 Sep 2020

KAVYA’s new single, Quin, and the upcoming EP, are a personal ode to self-love

We speak to the 27-year-old about her music 

26 Aug 2020

Angad Berar on his upcoming album and why he's moved to a more ambient space with his music 

The Bengaluru-based musician recently released three songs and is working on the album

20 Aug 2020

Romesh Ranganathan on cultural stereotypes, the experience of being vegan in Mongolia, and his upcoming book

With an aim to investigate and smash stereotypes about different cultures, Romesh visits countries such as Zimbabwe, Haiti, Ethiopia and Colombia on The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan

10 Aug 2020

Akshat Nauriyal on his solo project Yesnomaybe, his upcoming EP and augmented reality as a performative tool

VISUAL ARTIST AND musician Akshat Nauriyal’s solo project Yesnomayabe brings together all his passions under one umbrella

06 Aug 2020

Brew code: Our guide to craft beer takeaways in Bengaluru

We pick our favourite craft beers in the city, from Toit to Windmills Craft Works

07 Aug 2020

This one-of-a-kind Facebook group is bringing together global music performers in these COVID times

The Facebook Live Lockdown Star currently boasts more than 30,000 members

31 Jul 2020

On our July playlist: We're listening to new music by Gauley Bhai, Skulk, Anisha Uppal and others 

Here's what Indian independent musicians have been up to during this month

31 Jul 2020

Bengaluru's iconic Koshy's to remain shut till August; "Hang in there," Prem Koshy urges customers to stay safe

The owners have voluntarily shut down the restaurant due to the surge in COVID cases in the past few weeks

25 Jul 2020

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