Deepika Rathod

Here are nine reasons to add jaggery to your diet, pronto!

This Indian superfood helps with everything from blood purification to menstrual cramps

14 Oct 2020

Wellness: The gooseberry is a superfood that helps with everything from bad breath to preventing  tumours

Here is a list of ways to use this ingredient to improve your skin, hair and health

08 Oct 2020

Gut instinct: Your second brain is in your stomach, here is everything you need know 

Keep your gut clean and healthy with probiotic-rich foods for its smooth functioning

01 Oct 2020

Wellness: Seven foods to add to your diet for a glow up from within

Kalonji seeds, watermelon and aloe vera are right on top of this list

01 Oct 2020

Here's why you need to make nuts a staple on your grocery list!

Here is a list of their myriad health benefits

25 Nov 2020

Migraine again? These five lifestyle changes promise relief and a whole lot more peace

Aromatherapy and massaging your temples with lavender oil will make a world of difference

30 Jul 2020

Here is what you can add to your daily diet to keep your platelet count in check

Make sure you put these foods on your grocery list!

23 Jul 2020

Fruit pick of the season: Why you need to add lychees to your diet, pronto!

This is the perfect season to put lychees on your shopping list

30 Oct 2020

Why practising yoga everyday is exactly what your body needs right now

We are indoors now more than ever and a few simple asanas can go a long way to sustain a healthy mind and body

09 Jul 2020

Wellness: A guide to a healthy everyday diet that strengthens your bones 

Vitamins are an integral part of the bone structure of the human body, so much so that our daily intake of food has a direct impact on its overall health and stability

10 Jun 2020

Wellness: Foods and habits to keep your energy levels up during this lockdown

Tips to stay in overall good health during these tough times

13 May 2020

Here is why argan oil is an absolute essential for your skincare routine

It is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acid content, which is an ideal product to give the skin a natural boost.

01 Apr 2020

Wellness: What to eat to boost your personal immunity levels amidst coronavirus concerns   

Garlic, ginger and onions are three vegetables that come loaded with antioxidant properties

17 Mar 2020

Wellness: Eating a rainbow spectrum of fruits and vegetables is the key to better immunity

Colourful plates aren’t just appealing, they are healthy

13 Mar 2020

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