Farah Khatoon

The latest edition of OMG! Yeh Mera India has an impressive lineup

The latest instalment of OMG! Yeh Mera India is all set to wow you again

15 Apr 2021

Pinaki aka Phenom captures the real essence of the reggaeton community in his new song

Third Degree Originals have captured the real essence of the reggaeton community with their latest single, Work on Me

16 Apr 2021

Poila Baisakh special: Traditional spreads at these Kolkata diners will keep the festive spirits high

Celebrate Poila Baisakh with sumptuous delicacies from select diners across the city

13 Apr 2021

DJ Xavier wants to  explore new grounds in 2021

After hit midnight sessions during the lockdown, DJ Xavier, is aiming at exploring new grounds in 2021

09 Apr 2021

Composer Gourav Dasgupta is on a musical high with a slew of to-be-released love songs 

Composer Gourov Dasgupta promises to make the summer heat bearable with his love songs in Chehre, Hello Charlie and The Big Bull

09 Apr 2021

New diner alert: Asia Asia Asia, with its exhaustive buffet-only spread is a must-visit

The extensive Pan Asian menu at this newly launched diner, Asia! Asia! Asia! is a must-check out

09 Apr 2021

Poila Baisakh special: Ace the Bhuna Mangsho like Chef Bhaskar Dasgupta of Sonar Tori

Bhuna Mangsho, a tender meat preparation is a signature dish at Salt Lake’s renowned Bengali diner Sonar Tori and its senior Sous Chef Bhaskar Dasgupta shares the recipe

09 Apr 2021

Lounge 31 A serves authentic flavours of the hills

Lounge 31A adds the bona fide flavours of the Himalayas to the city platter

01 Apr 2021

Purva Mantri wants to croon with Neha Bhasin

Whether crooning Govinda in a golden overlay jacket or grabbing eyeballs for wearing a statement nose ring, the performer adds much oomph to her team Mumbai Warriors in the music reality show

01 Apr 2021

Take a break from fast fashion with Vaaya's new edit, Pause

Vaaya’s latest edit, Pause, will make you disconnect from fast fashion culture and don the sustainable hat

01 Apr 2021

Hit Wicket reinvents itself with an expansive menu

Lounge diner Hit Wicket targets at a big win with its focus on regional flavours

26 Mar 2021

Holi special: Colourful and delicious spread awaits you at these Kolkata diners

Check out the addresses where you can continue your Holi party

06 Apr 2021

Kareem's new menu adds galawati kebab and other fusion dishes

The updated menu at Kareem’s finally features the galawati kebab and other delicious options

19 Mar 2021

Karan Puri's new book documents MeToo survivors in urban and rural settings

Author Karan Puri continues the momentum of #MeToo movement with his latest novella

19 Mar 2021

Poonam Kasera’s latest edit features contrast silhouettes for day and evening wear

Sab Ke Liye Kuchh Khaas by Poonam Kasera features real-life people

11 Mar 2021

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