Kannalmozhi Kabilan

The ADHD aftermath

People diagnosed with ADHD during the pandemic open up about their experiences, some more similar than others, and the lack of awareness in the nation 

09 Feb 2022

Love in the time of representation

Affordability came into the picture to address the fact that she herself couldn’t afford the mainstream merchandise.

08 Feb 2022

A litany of literary loss

Going by the outpour of condolences on social media since, the rest of the country seems to be in agreement.

05 Feb 2022

An ode to exigencies

There’s Saranraj V’s exhibit of the work being done at the Keezhadi excavation site

04 Feb 2022

Thriving with translation

The Tamil Nadu Textbook Corporation teams up with publishers and translators to revive and promote forgotten Tamil literary works

02 Feb 2022

Inking India’s history for posterity

The team of India Ink talk about bringing their dream project — a social platform to make history accurately accessible — to life

01 Feb 2022

Your skin

Like with many entrepreneurship endeavours, this one too owes its delectable origin to the lockdown.

20 Jan 2022

A homecoming in mermaid song

A follow-up to her previous book, Mermaids in the Moonlight, author and illustrator Sharanya Manivannan’s Incantations Over Water  offers many a meaning and interpretations in a war-torn world.

18 Jan 2022

A retake on representation

Celebrating models beyond class, caste and ability, and breaking heteronormative expectations is the country’s first diversity calendar by photographer Rishab Dahiya

11 Jan 2022

Primed for the palm way

It’s all interconnected, as is the nature of things, begins Viswa.

10 Jan 2022

Dolls in doldrums 

Fighting against low funds, a shrinking community and cheaper alternatives has not deterred Thanjavur bommai craftsmen from keeping their art alive

06 Jan 2022

Here's how social media influencers set out to meet the demands of information and entertainment in 2021

In a world that was already heralding the supremacy of social media and the enormous opportunities it had to offer, the pandemic only served to accelerate the transition

30 Dec 2021

Restoring lakes: 104, not out

Fighting controversies, financial struggles and the aftermath of natural disasters, Nimal Raghavan has dedicated his life to the noble cause of restoring water bodies in districts of Tamil Nadu

27 Dec 2021

Sushe did it

Merging two fan favourites with her venture, sushi cake was an adventurous choice for Aarthi Palaniappan. But no one else seemed to be doing it...

25 Dec 2021

Gaana artistes Muniyammal, Julie Kumar and Gaana Balachander on their art

Gaana artistes — Muniyammal, Julie Kumar and Gaana Balachander — talk about their art, the long tumultuous journeys within it, and their place in the world today, ahead of Margazhi Makkal Isai

23 Dec 2021

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