Simi Kuriakose

An ode to the 'Prince of Pleats' Issey Miyake

Three Indian designers on how the late fashion designer, Issey Miyake’s design ethos influenced the industry

11 Aug 2022

Manav Dhiman's 'ManVsType' is a tryst with design

This city-based graphic designer is gearing up to release a typeface named after Delhi, all while solving a problem often faced by other Indian designers

10 Aug 2022

WeeRead book club in Delhi: Bibliophiles in training

These Delhi-NCR-based reading groups are inculcating the love of books in the younger generation

03 Aug 2022

Designer Rahul Khanna of Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna give us a rundown of their upcoming couture show

Meeting at a NIFT workshop, building a brand together, and then completing twenty-five years as a designer duo in a highly competitive industry…

27 Jul 2022

Couturier Varun Bahl talks about his collection, New Leaf, unveiled at FDCI

While reiterating his love for florals, city-based couturier Varun Bahl tells us why his couture collection will appeal to an array of audiences

26 Jul 2022

Fashion designer Anupamaa Dayal's inspiration galore from world over

It is common to hear people say that travel is sort of an escape.

23 Jul 2022

 'Scarlet Skies' is an effortless collaboration across genres

This was exactly the thought process when South Delhi-based Bhatt (26) worked on the lyrics

22 Jul 2022

Delhi's 'Little Things Studio' finding beauty in both old and new

This Delhi designer has taken a cue from her post-pandemic experiences to present a trans-seasonal collection with a touch of nostalgia

20 Jul 2022

The dichotomy in this fashion designer's idea of travel

While in conversation with Pawan Sachdeva, we instantly recognise a dichotomy in his idea of travel.

16 Jul 2022

Dancing in heels made less painful, more empowering 

A number of citizens are now taking an interest in heels dance, a genre that has helped them shed their inhibitions and build confidence

13 Jul 2022

Delhi-based designers are making fashion gender neutral hit

In an age when gender-neutral fashion is somewhat of a marketing gimmick, we speak to two designers who have embraced this ideology from the inception of their brand.

11 Jul 2022

Leaving no one behind: Delhi couple travel 40,000 kms with their adopted dogs

Two couples from Delhi-NCR families have been raking up the miles along with their four-legged companions

08 Jul 2022

I am fascinated by dreaming; it is the most beautiful concept: Akhil Sahni on his new song, Dream

However, while at a live performance, a friend forced Sahni (then 16) to sing on stage

08 Jul 2022

Model, actor Pia Trivedi narrates diving ventures

Actor and model Pia Trivedi on her most memorable vacation and the reason she loves revisiting a place

02 Jul 2022

Shivangi Bajpai’s MixMitti label is carrying a cause

Shivangi Bajpai, a Delhi-based designer, aims to raise awareness about wildlife conservation through capsule edits of bags, and accessories.

29 Jun 2022

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