Vaishali Vijaykumar

A tasty template for tourism

A modest effort that calls attention to such underrated gems from all corners of the state is Tamil Nadu Tourism’s Food February campaign.

08 Feb 2022

An epic decode

Indian epics are celebrated for the timeless wealth of wisdom and values they encompass.

05 Feb 2022

A game of gastronomic gamble

Hoping to engage kids in a world of trade and business is Santhosh Kumar Subramanian’s Belly Battle, a board game that infuses his love for food and fun

05 Feb 2022

Bites that are bunstoppable

We didn’t have to wait longer to sink our teeth into the tender texture of the breads

01 Feb 2022

Dutiful diligence in dispensing news for Chennaiites

Shyam Sundar, the founder, affirms that the app will be an all-in-one essential tool to empower Chennai’s citizens and its visitors with essential, verified information when in need.

25 Jan 2022

Madurai-based lensman brings folk fraternity's fame in frames

Madurai-based lensman Ajay Kumar has clicked 550 folk artistes from Madurai, Coimbatore, and Chennai for a portrait series at the 10-day Margazhiyil Makkal Isai festival.

22 Jan 2022

Bengaluru artist Kausalya Santhanam scores classic comeback on canvas

In the second innings of her life, Kausalya Santhanam has found her calling in art where she paints stories on household items

20 Jan 2022

Transgender Tasty Hut: Social media saves Chennai transwoman Shaina Banu from third gender stigma

After enduring years of emotional turmoil and economic hardships, Shaina had found her life's purpose in March 2021 with her entrepreneurial venture - Transgender Tasty Hut.

20 Jan 2022

Working on ways to live life zero-waste

Under its resources section, the website offers ideas and literature on various aspects of sustainability.

18 Jan 2022

Pining for a peaceful tomorrow for people and pachyderms

India is a biodiversity-rich country with a population of 1.4 billion people and roughly 27,000 Asian elephants.

13 Jan 2022

When korvai meets kolam

Kolam artist Ravisankar VM and textile revivalist Sreemathy Mohan have joined forces this Margazhi to bring out a colourful series of patterns depicting the weaves of Tamil Nadu

12 Jan 2022

Costumes that create conversations 

Behind its colour-coded, classy outlook was designer Anitha Ranjith’s conscious choice of design elements and well-studied presentation.

11 Jan 2022

Works of wooden wonder

Basking in the glory of the GI tag, wood carvers of Thammampatti open up about the responsibility that comes with this recognition

11 Jan 2022

Beyond the bias, beneath the beard

The three-year-old Chennai Bearded Club is helping men ace the beard game, while also doing their bit for society

06 Jan 2022

Armenia to chennai: a christmas tale

X mas eve reminds me of a steady stream of people holding candles and wading their way

06 Jan 2022

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