Vikas Datta

'Midnight Rider' Gregg Allman and his rock music journey 

Allman, who began his musical career by delivering newspapers to earn enough to buy a guitar, faced the heart-breaking journey with fortitude.

29 May 2017

A 'Bonded' career: Roger Moore as 007 

It is hard to think of any cinematic portrayal of Moore outside a 007 film

24 May 2017

The continuing travails of a demoted sun god

Rick Riordan pens The Dark Prophecy ( The Trials of Apollo Book 2)

08 May 2017

'High Noon' and more cinematic heights: Hollywood's realistic director (April 29 is Fred Zinnemann's 110th birth anniversary)

Preferring to work on authentic locations and with many non-actors among the cast to achieve a sense of realism

28 Apr 2017

Angels, demons, the Apocalypse - and the human will

Besides being a classic example of British humour, or in other words having no shortage of irony and understated and subtle sarcasm, it is a parody pageant unrivalled.

26 Apr 2017

The other detectives of Baker Street - and their chilling cases

The story begins in October 1889 when Mrs Hudson suddenly collapses

22 Apr 2017

"Is it nobler to put up with the mess that life slings at us?"

Book review: Caroline Taggart's Answers to Rhetorical Questions.

28 Mar 2017

Immortal by Krishna Udayasankar

Book review

08 Mar 2017

The Odditorium by David Bramwell & Jo Keeling

Book review: Odd people and what we owe to them

08 Mar 2017

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