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Jagriti theatre in Bengaluru reopens with the show, Not Just A Half

This is also a special year for the theatre as it celebrates its 10th anniversary

04 Jan 2021

On our December 2020 playlist: Bid goodbye to the year with new music from these artistes

Here's our pick of new music by Indian independent artistes this month

31 Dec 2020

From pandemic pick-up lines to body positivity; here were the trending topics of Tinder in 2020

The shrug emoji, WAP and pandemic pick up lines were the biggest trends for this year

08 Dec 2020

Gunjan Shrivastava's new collection of cyanotypes is call to action for environmental change

The collection is called The Natural Resurrection

04 Dec 2020

On our November playlist: Kiara Chettri, Suraj Mani, Hashbass and more

Here are some of the hot new releases from the month of November 

03 Dec 2020

Dualist Inquiry and Sanchal Malhar address longing in their new music video, Closer

The video is directed by Bakshi himself

27 Nov 2020

Tienas' new 5-track EP For Sale? offers a fresh perspective on love and loss 

The EP sees him push the boundaries of pop music, with influences from electronica and vaporwave

30 Nov 2020

Here are the highest rated Indian movies of the '90s on IMDb; is your favourite on the list?

The list includes some celebrated movies like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Manichitrathazhu, Agneepath, Baazigar, Sarfarosh and more

20 Nov 2020

Serendipity Art Foundation launches a digital experience - SA Virtual 

SA Virtual will feature curated projects, performances, workshops, talks, engagement-based initiatives and discourse around the arts

19 Nov 2020

Here's how every zodiac sign behaves on Tinder India; new survey reveals

Gen Z are 29% more likely to mention their Zodiac sign on their Tinder profile

12 Nov 2020

Twitter India launches a new Diwali emoji and a Virtual Ladoo for the festive season 

The emoji is a lit up diya extended out on a palm, and its flame sparkles when one switches to the Lights Out dark mode

12 Nov 2020

Musician Tamish Pulappadi on his debut prog rock EP, Reflection

This is the 17-year-old's debut EP

31 Oct 2020

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