Anjani Chadha

Walk the line with Delhi's Slackline Community

A bunch of slacklining enthusiasts are now bringing this gravity-defying sport to the citizens of Delhi-NCR who are keen on trying out this challenging feat

23 Nov 2021

Delhi NGO Protsahan India Foundation fights child abuse with the power of dialogue

Among the many ways that can help children identify abuse, it is importance for adults (related to or familiar with these kids) to approach them for healthy conversations.

20 Nov 2021

Kiara Chettri: Strumming her way to success

After becoming the youngest Indian solo artist to make a mark on the global World Indie Music Charts, Chettri has now submitted her single 'Why' at the Grammy ballots

19 Nov 2021

‘You cannot reach people effectively if you are not understood’: Shashi Tharoor 

With a career sprawling over four decades, politician and writer Shashi Tharoor has penned a number of books on diverse themes. His latest, "Pride, Prejudice and Punditry" released on Wednesday

18 Nov 2021

Busting the 'Plant a Tree Co' claim: Some green NGOs in Delhi you can volunteer with

Running since 2010, Green Yatra's 'Pedh Lagao' initiative has been working towards conserving nature.

16 Nov 2021

Delhi youngsters call for climate education in curriculum

19-year-old Aniket Gupta - along with Aditya Dubey, Seher Taneja and Dwishojoyee Banerjee - petitioned the government to incorporate climate education in the curriculum of Delhi schools.

16 Nov 2021

Safekeeping Urdu depends on the next generation's zeal to embrace it

Urdu scholars discuss how the revival and preservation of the language depends on the next generation's zeal to embrace it

15 Nov 2021

A novel touch to ‘mehfil’ culture

The classic juxtaposition of the ghazal singer’s soulful voice along with Hoshiyarpuri’s sombre yet grandiloquent verses continues to be the ultimate ode to love

13 Nov 2021

Varun Vasisht's songs are an evolving euphony

Singer-songwriter Varun Vasisht's recent track 'Clouds of Rain' is a soulful rendition of a collective emotional experience 

12 Nov 2021

Silly Troupers Theatre Festival attempts to revive the once-vibrant theatre scene in Delhi

The three-day event, which ends today brought together an interesting amalgamation of a number of theatre genres, thereby extending a platform to artists from different backgrounds.

11 Nov 2021

Pratisandhi: Driving sex-positive discourse among masses

Apart from a vacuum that exists in this domain, there is also rampant misinformation spreading among youngsters.

10 Nov 2021

Project Anti Caste Love: Challenging social conventions by chronicling love letters

Love, relationships, and marriage have always been topics that tend to spark serious debates. Project Anti Caste Love draws upon the same understanding of social conventions

09 Nov 2021

Architecture, food, lifestyle and more: Delhi through the lens

It was a similar understanding of photography that led Rajeev Goyal to launch Delhi Photo Tours—a bespoke city tour focused on photography—in 2010

08 Nov 2021

There Is No Earth B organises weekly clean-up drives

This Delhi-based organisation is spearheading a nationwide movement to protect the environment

06 Nov 2021

Lights, festivities, nostalgia: Delhi residents speak about missing Diwali celebrations

On the occasion of Diwali, we speak to a few Delhiites who will miss out on celebrations as they spend the festival of lights away from home.

04 Nov 2021

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