Kannalmozhi Kabilan

Yuvan Aves of Madras Naturalist Society explains the importance of knowing about local biodiversity with a shorewalk at Chennai's Elliot Beach

Along the clear waters of Elliots Beach, Yuvan Aves of Madras Naturalist Society details the importance of shore walks, local biodiversity and his project at Chennai Photo Biennale

23 Dec 2021

Built from the backyard

Anyone who has had to do the run would tell you that it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

22 Dec 2021

Penning poems of pain and politics

If that sounds like quite the journey, the making of the book wasn’t without one.

21 Dec 2021

Here are some cocktails you can snuggle up with this Christmas

Christmas cheer is as much a good cup of eggnog as midnight carols and the perfectly baked casserole.

21 Dec 2021

FCI and VITM-Bengaluru set up country's first food museum at Thanjavur

India's first food museum in Thanjavur takes a technological spin on its exhibits of the evolution of food and storage.

20 Dec 2021

Authors Meera V Barath, R Lakshmi Priya talk about the inspiration behind Airavata, an anthology on elephants

Airavata, an anthology on elephants you never knew you needed, includes Mayaakatha: Where Stories Dance by Meera V Barath and Pachyderm Tales by R Lakshmi Priya

04 Dec 2021

Invites that tell your story

Three weddings are happening at the same time in three different locations

30 Nov 2021

Khatija Rahman's independent track Farishton to hit one million views mark, nominated for Best Animation Music Video at ISFA

The video animates the fantastical journey of exploration and adventure of a young girl finding her way to Madina

27 Nov 2021

All for arugula

Even without these yesteryear uses, the quietly fancy arugula can still offer many nutritional benefits, says dietitian Meenakshi Bajaj

24 Nov 2021

Making way for maavali

Maavali sutharathu (spinning Maavalis) is a practice that was once commonplace in the western parts of Tamil Nadu, begins Viswa Veda, head of the enterprise.

23 Nov 2021

Inked for Halloween in Chennai

That Halloween was round the corner only made it easy to bring them all under one theme

30 Oct 2021

Suited for the season

The festival of lights doubles as one of food for most of us; fashion isn’t far behind for many others

28 Oct 2021

On a landmark watch

Going past mere celebration of places of repute, Kannalmozhi Kabilan looks at what we can do to give a facelift to some of our city’s landmarks

21 Oct 2021

The teatotallers’ bar comes to town

The teatotallers’ bar comes to town

19 Oct 2021

Let's talk terms. *conditions apply

Activists and members of the LGBTQIA+ community react to Kamal Haasan’s use of alternative terms to address trans persons

07 Oct 2021

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