Shilpi Madan

Apollo Foundation's Upasana Kamineni Konidela brings healthcare to all via new initiatives

Collaborating with NGOs to deepen the pan-India reach, the initiatives have gained momentum and larger dimensions in the wake of the pandemic

26 Dec 2021

The Stressor Setback: Everything you need to know about oxidative stress

A look at the silent cause of deteriorating health

19 Dec 2021

In Lonavala, a quaint garden house that takes you back in time

The wilderness of nature makes your heart sing in the quietude of this cosy bungalow close to Lonavala in Maharashtra, but far from maddening crowds

19 Dec 2021

No Small Feat: A guide to taking care of your feet

Cringing and hobbling around on dry, flaky heels and toes? Your health index may hold answers for happy feet

06 Dec 2021

Is the latest health and beauty trend, Face Yoga, scientifically proven to work?

“There is no yoga on earth that can tighten your face,” says Dr Rashmi Shetty, Mumbai-based celebrity dermatologist

30 Nov 2021

What are the benefits of white butter?

White butter, or makhan, as it’s popularly referred to, ranks high on the nutrient index with its antiviral, antibacterial, anticarcinogenic properties

14 Nov 2021

Homage to heirlooms

Refashioned pieces form the signature style of  jewellery designer Neety Singh

14 Nov 2021

Shape of you: Designer Amit Aggarwal’s amorphous collection, The Catalyst, based on the three basic shapes

A stunning repertoire of silhouettes that celebrates a multitude of personalities—fierce and fabulous trailblazers such as pole dancer Aditi Singh, visual artists Ishika Madaan and Ishaan Bharat

31 Oct 2021

Oilier than thou: Multisource oils have combined power of several ingredients to boost overall health 

Mixing oils brings in a better proportion of fatty acid groups, especially in keeping with the different cooking methods

31 Oct 2021

A lost and found weave: Himroo

Once said to be “the finest fabric of the Deccan,” the heritage weave of himroo is being revived by design entrepreneur Prachi Saraf of Vyusti

24 Oct 2021

The queen of oven fresh

Chef Aditi Handa serves up a unique range of sourdoughs, pancakes and cakes

03 Oct 2021

Jerk it away: Does dehydrated meat really have any nutritional benefits?

Go slow on the tucked-in stock of dehydrated food stuff to up your health index

27 Sep 2021

Metamorphosis of Mumbai's eateries

Restaurants in the city are in reboot mode and leading a layout change movement to suit the new normal.

26 Sep 2021

Plush pickings: Luxury and glamour set the mood at Ekaani’s first-of-its-kind experiential wedding lounge in Mumbai

It was set up as a swish space in Mumbai’s Juhu suburb last month, beckoning all to a first one-of-a-kind experiential wedding lounge

23 Sep 2021

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