Sonali Shenoy


Sonali Shenoy is a feverish optimist, doggie lover and romantic. She takes word play very seriously, and derives a secret thrill from puns in conversation that her colourful sense of humour. Also she\'s a sucker for a good plot line on TV and secretly fancies moonlighting as a detective.

Sound healing offers any remedy you need with no pills or exercise

And everyone from Robert Downey Jr to bassist Robert Trujillo of Metallica has tried it.

29 Apr 2019

Sandesh ice cream to homemade granola, this showcase of Chennai's talented home chefs is drool-worthy

This two-day showcase of home chefs will keep your taste buds on their toes

29 Apr 2019

These Easter eggs from Chennai are so good looking, you might cry a little with each crack

Our list is so crackin’ good, it felt shell-fish not to share...

20 Apr 2019

The most eggs-pensive Easter egg in India costs INR 1.5 lakh!

This 3.5-foot masterpiece fits a dual-level house designed for Easter bunnies, and boasts a flatscreen TV and luxury bathtub

20 Apr 2019

April Fool's Day special: This looks like a spoilt orange, but brave a bite for a sweet surprise

Chef Ashutosh Nerlekar at The Park Chennai promises to play accomplice for your next prank!

28 Mar 2019

From kimchi to curry, here are five ways you never imagined a watermelon! 

You are about to lose your ‘rind’ over this! 

01 Apr 2019

These fans have in-built speakers so you can turn up the volume and literally 'chill' at the same time!

Fanzart’s designer fans have in-built speakers, multi-colour LED settings and crystals from Austria!

08 Mar 2019

Women's Day Special: These Indian business heads help Mother Earth profit with every sale

From fighting textile pollution to biodegradable alternatives to plastic, these entrepreneurs make sustainable choices easy to access

08 Mar 2019

That Mallu Joint serves up a 'meen' feast and we can't wait to go back for more!

Apart from a relatable name, That Mallu Joint  serves up traditional flavours paired with contemporary

07 Mar 2019

This Chennai pastry chef's Mandarin cheesecake recipe is to die for!

Chef Gabriel Rajan has a passion for confectionery. And after trying out this recipe, you're probably going to be hooked too

07 Mar 2019

This two-day picnic in Chennai promises silent theatre under the stars and amazing eats...

The Big Picnic is open to all, and will serve up great food and an unplugged session with Shakthisree Gopalan

01 Mar 2019

3 in one: LiBarrel has three menus, three different decor styles, one for each floor!

Three floors, three styles of décor. And varied menus to match. Sip on surprise with every step of this tour  

07 Mar 2019

This Chennai photographer's dream wedding calendar will make you want to say ‘I do’, every month of the year...

After nine calendars, Karthik Srinivasan ups the ante again with his latest one titled 'Entwined' 

01 Mar 2019

The Great Chennai Bake Show is on and we can't stop drooling

Fifty home bakers from Chennai are all set to let their imaginations ‘dough’ the work at The Great Chennai Bake Show on Saturday

23 Feb 2019

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