Ujjainee Roy

Review: The revamped Bakstage has the best sizzlers, 'Naazas' and rock-themed caricature art

The new Bakstage has the best of everything, from nostalgic pop art, to exemplary appetisers and the best booze

13 Mar 2020

Review: From authentic Ema Datshi, Jasha Maru to Buttered Zaw, Vintage Asia's Bhutanese Food Festival is excellent

Vintage Asia’s Bhutanese Food Festival is all about showcasing the rich, multi-cultural approach to the country’s cuisine  

07 Mar 2020

Luxury designer Nupur Kanoi on why fashion needs fluidity and culture

Luxury designer Nupur Kanoi on fluidity, fashion and solo trips

06 Mar 2020

Kasturi Mukherjee on photography and the female gaze

The lenswoman talks to us about her artistic priorities

07 Mar 2020

Review: Here's how Sly Fox Gastro Club's new menu aces new-age fine dining

With its new menu, Sly Fox Gastro Club has perfected the balance between winsome flavours and spectacle

06 Mar 2020

The Monkey Bar's Avantika Saraogi tells us about her relationship with food

How exactly did Avantika Saraogi know Kolkata is ready for a new drinking scene? We got her to tell us:  

06 Mar 2020

What does it take to sustain an European bistro in Kolkata? Saloni Jhunjhunwala tells us more

The Salt House’s Saloni Jhunjhunwala on running a truly global eatery and Michelle Obama

05 Mar 2020

How is Siddhika Jalan shaping bespoke luxury gifting culture in Kolkata?

Jalan, whose bespoke curated gifts are making waves in the city, takes us through her creative process

05 Mar 2020

Health coach and food writer Manjri Agarwal talks about clean eating

The food writer talks about the food scene in Kolkata and Nigella Lawson

05 Mar 2020

Piccadilly Square's Pooja Baid talks first mover's advantage and Euro street food

Baid tells us why she trusted her own instincts when it comes to the food business

05 Mar 2020

Bhanu Pratap Singh tells us how he conceived the story for Bhoot: The Haunted Ship

Debutante director Bhanu Pratap Singh opens up about the much anticipated Bhoot- Part One: The Haunted Ship

28 Feb 2020

How does Delhi-based slow fashion label Brij Bari stay rooted to its ethical production process?

Brij Bari is rooted to a clean and resourceful production and design process which is only helping their connect

27 Feb 2020

Tasting India: What do culinary experts talk about at dinner?

We joined food experts for a sustainably produced meal at ITC Royal Bengal and learnt so much!

25 Feb 2020

Margarita Day special: Here's a must-try cocktail crawl through Kolkata

How are you drinking your margarita today?

22 Feb 2020

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