Vaishali Vijaykumar

A ‘ride’ to remember

As the food court at VGP Universal Kingdom transforms into Sea Thru Diner, VGP Ravidas talks about his tenure at the theme park

05 Jan 2022

Impressions of impact

Art has been a constant companion for Shajan Kavitha

05 Jan 2022

Luxe goes green

With Christmas trees made of bottles, pipes, tubes, and more, these hotels are revelling in the holiday spirit with an eco-friendly touch

25 Dec 2021

Clowning for cures, cheers & christmas

From mall-goers to bedridden patients, storyteller John Pradeep JL and his troupe bring a smile to the faces of many

22 Dec 2021

'Paati's Rasam' is about a lost recipe to remember

The story revolves around a young girl's search for the recipe of a type of rasam that was lost with the demise of her grandmother.

20 Dec 2021

Ezhundhu Va: A song of silence, struggle and survival

Here’s a work that adapts some of the poems penned by survivors of domestic violence into a song

15 Dec 2021

Singer Saketharaman and Simson Raja to present some of Thiruvalluvar’s couplets

Singer Saketharaman and pattimandram speaker Simson Raja join hands to present some of Thiruvalluvar’s couplets set to Carnatic ragam while also decoding them

15 Dec 2021

Sabha staples on a silver platter

As part of its Margazhi celebrations, Madras Kitchen Company,  The Westin, gives a fine-dining spin to popular canteen delicacies

14 Dec 2021

Chennai-based hospital has installed a vibrant miniature clock model depicting the eight-course healthy meal

Using art as a medium to spread awareness, the hospital has installed a vibrant miniature clock model depicting the eight-course healthy meal commonly prescribed to patients with diabetes

02 Dec 2021

Sky is the limit: The story of AeroCare, an air ambulance service!

Started by a husband-wife duo, AeroCare, an air ambulance service that catered to critically ill Covid patients, is now handling non-Covid emergencies

30 Nov 2021

Chennai's Blue Cross has its own farewell for furry friends with dual-chambered gasifier crematorium

The month-old pet crematorium at Blue Cross of India has been assuring a dignified send-off, offering a sense of solace to pet parents

29 Nov 2021

Beyond the obvious: Finding faces in faceless portraits

Artist Maheshwari expresses her interpretation of  iconic scenes from popular Tamil films on canvas through her faceless portraits

26 Nov 2021

A backyard full of dreams

If you have a green thumb but do not have the right idea to work on your passion, you have got a friend in Sai Krishnan

16 Nov 2021

Drops of Life, Story of Rainwater Harvesting: Documenting every drop that counts

When it comes to handling and managing water, it’s always been extreme. One year, we were all wading through knee-deep water

15 Nov 2021

‘Blocking’ the way for furry friends

It was amid the grim and grey of 2015 Chennai floods that Hastha, a city-based apparel brand, saw enough reason to bring colour through their one-of-a-kind block printed umbrellas

13 Nov 2021

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