Deepika Rathod

Here's an actionable guide to getting improved benefits from cardamom

Most spices available in our kitchen act as medicines as well. And one of the impressive spices that work on alleviating gut-related symptoms is cardamom

23 Dec 2022

Five easy ways to keep your liver healthy

New Year celebrations mean big feasts and a liberal dose of spirits, here are some tips to cleanse the organ that is often overworked at this time of year

16 Dec 2022

Here's everything you need to know about health benefits of nutmeg

This powerful spice has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, pain-relieving, and nerve-calming properties, which makes it very beneficial for individuals taking it daily

02 Dec 2022

Looking after the health of your blood might work wonders for you

Keeping your blood clean might be the best way for you maintain a healthy body

22 Feb 2023

Fasting can work, if you follow a proper fasting regimen created for you, we find out:

A good fasting schedule can work wonders for your system, but a bad one can do more damage! Here are the fads to avoid at any cost…

18 Aug 2022

Here’s why you need to ensure sunflower seeds are part of your daily diet!

This humble nutty treat packs in several health benefits beyond it being a healthy source of good nutrition

12 Aug 2022

Brain health is as important as the health of any other part of the body, as we find out:

How do we care for the brain — the one organ that works 24/7 and yet gets the least attention from us?

14 Jul 2022

Moving about, all day long, can be very good for you!

A sedentary lifestyle can be challenged by simple exercises through the day, and it isn’t too hard, as we find out…

23 Jun 2022

Proper breathing can help you deal with stress in daily life!

Most stress can be combated by developing good breathing techniques

21 Jun 2022

Beat the heat with thesee simple homemade drinks 

We can find these ingredients in our kitchen itself and if we start using them daily, we will never go back to aerated drinks.

27 Apr 2022

Here’s how you can boost your lymphatic drainage that helps release toxins from the body

We need to keep the lymphatic system drained well to avoid the toxin buildup and to allow the body to function well

20 Apr 2022

Five fruits that are high in Vitamin C other than oranges

Vitamin C is vital to immune function and the maintenance of bones, skin, teeth, and joints

15 Apr 2022

World Health Day: Follow these five simple habits to keep your body in great shape

Here are some of the elements that majorly affect our immune system

07 Apr 2022

Here's all you need to know about antibiotics

Take an antibiotic with a probiotic supplement to replenish good gut bacteria

31 Mar 2022

Do you know short term stress of work or relationship helps boost our immune system?

Our body is capable of handling short-term stress that comes with work, relationships, traffic, deadlines, etc, and it helps in boosting our immune system

24 Mar 2022

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