Anagha M


Equal parts North and South Indian, Anagha currently lives in Bengaluru. Behind her glasses and uneven fringe, she writes about music, food, culture, books and movies. Though a travel-bug at heart, she can mostly be found be at home with a frayed paperback, a large mug of tea and some light jazz. This hippie-at-heart wishes she was born in the \'60s. She spends far too much time on the internet than is healthy and considers this piece about herself to be the most difficult one she has had to write.

"Jazz is a very heavy four letter word," Tarun Balani talks music, his new EP and virtual gigs 

The Delhi-based jazz drummer and composer makes music under the moniker Seasonal Affected Beats

03 Dec 2020

Wesley Schultz of The Lumineers talks to us about the upcoming NH7 Weekender gig and going digital 

Wesley Schultz, the lead vocalist and guitarist of the folk rock outfit, just dropped a solo album Vignettes

03 Dec 2020

The Copper + Cloves cafe in Bengaluru will make you rethink vegan cuisine

On offer are contemporary dishes with local tweaks

02 Dec 2020

Niharika NM on how her hilarious Instagram videos help her stay connected to her roots

Growing up in Bengaluru, comedian Niharika NM, imbibed the culture and accents that now make viewers connect to her hilarious skits and sketches

26 Nov 2020

Dolorblind’s new EP, Forbidden Fruit, explores feelings of love, failure, success and euphoria

Originally from Patna, Rohan Sinha is now based in Delhi and is also part of an electronic music collective called Jwala

08 Dec 2020

Musician Ankur Tewari on what being on the road in 2020 for his new TV show taught him 

The singer recently took to the road as the host of the new season of MTV Sound Trippin’

20 Nov 2020

Bento boxes, themed pizzas and more; here’s how you can celebrate Thanksgiving in Bengaluru

Here's what restaurants Lush, Cafe Noir and more have planned for Thanksgiving 

19 Nov 2020

Screetus’ atmospheric new EP Auburn Garden, takes inspiration from the tale of Frankenstein

The themes of abuse and misuse of power from the novel have inspired the band’s new EP

19 Nov 2020

Visual artist Waswo X Waswo revisits his 2015 miniature painting series, Chaos in the Palace

This series of 18 miniatures deals with concepts such as colonialism, rise of the right wing and race relations

14 Nov 2020

Navrathan Jewellers’ traditional pieces with a modern touch are just right for this festive season

The brand promises handcrafted jewellery that is a stylish mix of traditional motifs and contemporary sensibilities, and might just be what you're looking for

12 Nov 2020

Hip-hop and R&B artiste Micah’s new EP tackles the subject of self-acceptance

We speak to him about the EP, that's called Lens Flare

05 Nov 2020

On our October playlist: New music by GWS, Cartel Madras, DIVINE and more 

Here are some of the hot new releases from the month of October 

31 Oct 2020

Rapper Yung Raja on his new self-empowerment anthem, The Dance Song and the inspirations behind it 

We speak to him about his music, the lockdown and what he's working on next

29 Oct 2020

Paraj Singh releases his debut EP, Inara, an ode to to the women in his life

After playing in Bengaluru-based bands such as Flaw and Order and Rainburn, the artiste now turns singer-songwriter

16 Oct 2020

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